Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Radiation Eve

We made it through another spinal tap. I think I should make a countdown because I think she has maybe six or seven more left over the course of the next 17 months. We had a very very long day. Left for hospital at 8am, home at 7pm. Luckily, Grandma came down and stayed with my other babies. The crazy thing is that we are back at it tomorrow morning. She has chemo at 9am and then we hop in the car and head to Cincy for her radiation at 1:30. Right now it is all feeling very overwhelming. I am sure it will feel better when we have a few of them under our belt. I don't know how we handle this stuff sometimes, but really we are given no choice. We are just trying to focus on Ally right now and regular life is just going to have to wait. We are grateful for those who have stepped up to help us during this difficult time.

Ally managed the spinal pretty well today. No tears! But then she did end up gagging/throwing up some right after. She is already complaining of belly pain tonight. It comes on so quick. Believe it or not she has gained 20 pounds in the last six weeks. She fluctuates so much! I really need to go get her some pants that actually fit her, but no time now!

Please send some prayers that the radiation does exactly as it is supposed to do...that the target is hit very clearly and that any stray cancer cells are destroyed immediately. Please pray for no long term damage and that we never have to face anything like this again...EVER.

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