Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here and gone. I did enjoy the day as best as I knew how to do, being that I didn't really have a Mom to dedicate some time to. Instead, I did a few things that I knew my mother would want me to do. I planted some flowers. I refilled the bird feeder. I went to lunch with my Dad and my Gramma. I got ice cream with my kids.

I also was very lucky to receive breakfast in bed by three lovely children. I got exactly what I ordered from Jerad at midnight last night: Multigrain cheerios, a half a grapefruit, and my coffee with peppermint mocha creamer. Perfect.
I must have earned some extra Mommy points this year. Either that or my husband feels really sorry for me. I usually get flowers for Mother's Day. This year....I got an ipad. Seriously?! Seriously. And so now when I spend all this time in waiting rooms, exam rooms, radiation drives, etc...I will have a little toy to keep me (and Ally) busy. He told Ally the gift was for her too because she is such a Mother Hen. She is constantly helping out around here. And God knows she deserves it for all she has been through. Wow, Jerad, I take back anything I may have muttered under my breath about you not being the best gift buyer when I got the "rocking planting chair" yesterday. Hee hee.

Although my mother is gone, I have two wonderful grandmothers. I am so fortunate for this. I got the rare opportunity to have them both with me at the same time earlier this week. (and my sister too). I also have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes extra good care of me ...and a few other "surrogate" moms who are always here for me too.

I have a few friends who are in this boat with me and have lost their Mom too early. Lisa, Lara, Becky, Sheri, Corrina, Kimmie....and probably others that I am forgetting....but I thought about them all day too.

The other day, when I was flying above the clouds, I kept looking out and wondering what she is doing in heaven. I have many ideas. The clouds are so beautiful on so many days. I never used to notice that, but now I do. All these things that have happened to me in the last couple of years make me so much more reflective. Sometimes little things are really really huge to me. And sometimes huge things are not. I am no longer complacent. I (hope) I don't worry about little things. I hope I see the big picture. And somedays I's all good, because someday I will be in heaven and all my questions will be answered. And I will see my Mom again. So I gots to go........I have an ipad to set up!! Tomorrow morning is blood counts. I desperately want her to make it so we can get this show on the road.....get going and get it done. Please send a little prayer up for THAT.

PS...if you are a Monday reader, I also posted on Saturday with all the details and pictures of her radiation mask! (Sunday is a slow day in bloggerville.)


  1. Steve is excited about your iPad!! :)

  2. Congrats on your new ipad and good luck with the counts. Remember, one day at a time---we are all behind you and supporting you and Ally and your entire family. Aren't the clouds beautiful!!!!

  3. sweet Janel, I thought about you so much yesterday. Glad there were high points to get you through the day.
    An ipad?! I'm expecting many more updates etc! :)

  4. Janel,
    You are going to love your iPad, I use mine all the time.
    Thought of you all day yesterday as well. Doing the things that your mom would have been doing, made her smile. Yesterday I went to Siebenthalers, looked up on the hill and told Marcy, that she is missed. Today, I begin my hunt for my flowers, veggie plants.
    Hugs to all of you.