Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend at home

We are enjoying a weekend at home. We have had very few weekends at home (I can only remember 1...halloween) in the last two months. It is actually seeming kind of strange to be here. But I LOVE it. We spent Friday night at the Boohers house...just hanging out and having pizza. Four families. Then Saturday was fun too because we hopped in the car, went and got coffee, and dragged the kids to Lowe's. It was a very normal thing, but we just don't do normal things around here, so again it made me very happy. I walk around the store and just look at people and think: this is what regular people do. Ally's counts were still low, but we risked it and made her keep her hands in her pockets. I don't know why I am becoming a little more lenient on taking her places, but it is probably because if I don't insanity could very well creep in.

We have a doctor friend, who will remain nameless per her request, who gave Jerad her H1N1 shot. It was for her and she chose to give it to Jerad...said he needed it more than her. We went to her house to get it! And they are very hard to come by. We were very grateful for that. She also gave one to me last week and I am feeling a very strong sense of comfort that we are all now protected against the evil swine flu.
We also watched our Buckeyes continue their dynasty over Michigan. Go Bucks!

Finally, we are doing a few projects around the house. Putting some shelves up in the kids toyroom. Hanging some curtains in there that I bought exactly a year ago. The thought that it has taken me a year to hang them is ridiculous...Mom got sick, and then Ally, and I guess that really is the ridiculous part. We are very much behind in doing anything around our house...organization has fallen by the wayside and that bugs the two accountants around here.

Check out my lovely Ty Pennington at work.......(see the toolbelt?)So you all follow us through the bad times and here I am boring you with the normal day-to-day stuff. I will take boring anyday though. Last night marked day 7....7 days in our own beds...a new record.

Ally's ANC was 170 on Friday. Not very high. Took her forever to start rebounding. They did tell me she had a lot of "baby cells" that will grow up to be good cells and cause that ANC to rise this week. If it is high enough by Monday (750) we will start the next round of chemo with a spinal tap and other drugs on Wednesday. Otherwise, due to the the holiday, it will be Monday the 30th. Not sure which I prefer....going ahead and avoiding a five day delay, or waiting and having a stress free holiday. So whatever God chooses for her ANC to be will be my deciding factor. Will keep you posted.


  1. How wonderful it is to read about a "normal" weekend at the Barnett house. I'm thankful for that!

  2. Boring everyday stuff is good sometimes. Like you said whatever the count is you will roll with it. Your Ty looks really good in that belt!!!! Enjoy your time at home and don't worry what is not getting done. As you can see, even one year later, those curtains were still there and they look great I am sure. Glad for some good times, take care and keep up the good work!!

  3. Glad you had such a relaxing weekend and got some things done. Here's to more normal days!

  4. So glad the weekend of no news was because it was "normal." Hoping today that the ANC is up- regardless of what happens with the chemo plan. I'm sure Ally feels better when her body has recovered...

  5. So glad you have been able to spend your time at home. Hope things continue to go well! We think of you often.

  6. Hope you're able to have a wonderful thanksgiving together. God Bless you