Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fever and Sick

Trying to get through my "year of firsts" That is what people tell you when a loved one dies anyway, you need to get through the "year of firsts" Today was my birthday. My first one without my Mom. Which, to be quite honest, brings much pain to me. The first year I did not have mom's special cake with my great-grandma's icing recipe. I prepared myself for it. I knew it was not gonna be a good day. Just let it go by, maybe next year would be better.

About two hours into my birthday, Ally had come down with a fever. 101.6. We had to go to the hospital. And the day pretty much revolved around that and taking care of the sick girl. They did allow her to come home tonight. But she is still sick and miserable. Tested negative for the flu, but they think she might have some sort of virus. The home health nurse is coming tomorrow to give her more antibiotics. They are hoping she recovers fast so that they can start her up on chemo on Thursday. Greaaaaat.

And that pretty much sums up my day. Maybe next year will be my year.


  1. Happy Birthday from Missouri!

  2. Oh Janel, I'm so sorry you're spending your birthday this way. Many prayerful birthday wishes going out to you tonight.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday, not the way you wanted to spend it but yes next year will be better. Prayers going out to you that Ally gets over her fever and you can get through that last treatment with less pain and suffering.

  4. I'm so sorry that it didn't go well. Take care of yourself and Ally girl today, hopefully you can get this last step past you.

  5. Happy Birthday Janel. Sorry it was a crummy day. I hope next year is your year. You all deserve it.

  6. THINKING ABOUT YOU!!! I felt a heavy heart when I didn't see Ally at PSR. I know she is really sick and school is a priority if she is able to go. But I sure miss seeing her on Wed. afternoons.

    Happy birthday. Sorry it was a rough one!

    Kac Family

    PS: Kac has his Ally's Army shirt hanging on the wall in his aluminum room in Afghanistan.