Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A new day

Ally seems to be a bit on the mend. I thought her fever had broken, but then it came back, but now I am thinking it is gone again. I guess we will find out tonight during our many visits to Ally's room with her calling us in. Last night her fever got to 102 and it just scared me. We (mostly Jerad) spent a lot of time with her in discomfort and got very little sleep. For now, at least her ANC is high enough (it's over 1000) that I feel fairly comfortable that she has some white blood cells to fight anything off. I do have to worry about Jerad driving and falling asleep at the wheel....just not too much sleeping going on around here. Really it is not much different...she gets up every night and has for months...but when she is sick it is worse.

I spoke to the clinic about noon today and they decided that she was still too sick to go forward with the Thursday chemo. We are now looking at a Friday chemo if she is well by noon tomorrow. The home health nurse came out and I did learn how to give Ally a different kind of antibiotic today. It comes in a little balloon type thing. I hook it up to her port and it infuses over 30 minutes. When it is done, it ends up being a deflated balloon. I am adding this new skill to my resume. I will be repeating this tomorrow for her last dose.

It is quite hard to sit in this house all day, everyday. With a sick child and a two year old. Which sometimes does not mix very well especially if they are both requiring my attention. How I would love to be able to just hop in the car and do things like I used to...put Carly into gymnastics or something similar. But I can't. I will say my girls are pretty good together...never fighting...and it makes Carly happier to have her sister here. I think that Ally is going to be here for a while. I don't see any school days coming soon for our Ally. So this is a new challenge for me to figure out how to get errands done etc. For the last month, it just hasn't happened. I especially enjoy when someone comes to visit me (thanks Nicki) and breaks up the monotony of it all.

Maybe tomorrow, we will have a plan for Ally's chemo. It will have been three weeks since she has had it and I don't want to delay anymore. That seems to be a long time to me!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from everyone. I am lucky to have so many....

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  1. Hi Janelly - Glad to hear Ally is on the mend. I've been praying for her. Don't forget - Miss Lisa is close by and can come any time to sit with Ally and take care of Carly so you can run out!!! I'd love nothing more! Don't forget!!!!