Thursday, November 19, 2009

S'more time at home (pun intended)

Ally seems a bit down today. She usually does when her ANC is at zero. ZERO. I still can't believe it, but thus it is true. Whenever she takes additional meds (like right now she is on three things for the mouth sores) I swear it slows everything down. She is not eating. I can't stand when she doesn't eat because I also think this slows things down. Her body needs food to recover. It is a vicious circle.

I am feeling a bit better. Not great. The medicine I am taking is making me not want to eat. Food is actually quite repulsive to me. This must be God's way of teaching me what my daughter goes through every single day. Long term do people stand it? Pain, suffering, for a long period of time. I am worn out and have only been feeling bad since Sunday.

We are enjoying being home. This has to be a new world record for us. 5 nights in a row. Dare I say it (knocking on wood) I just wish Ally felt a little better....she seems a bit depressed which is not like her. Being stuck in the house all the livelong after day....I guess it can get to kids too. She has had a few hours out playing with Madden and Madison, but that is it for the week. It is getting colder, so tonight we had a fire and some smores. That always livens things up a bit.
Thanks for keeping up the prayers for our girl and all the kids facing cancer.


  1. Hi Janel. Smores and all five of you together . . . that must feel good after so many nights and days in the hospital. Aches and pains aside, snuggle on the couch with your whole family tonight and remember why it is that you are fighting so hard. This will all be a memory before you know it(not soon enough, I know). Keep your eye on the prize . . . boring, homework-filled nights with kiddos arguing.



  2. Hope today brings less aches and more smiles. Enjoy these days together, that in itself is a blessing.

  3. That is such a cute picture! Hope you are better! I'm here if you need me. Of course, it's got to be wearing on Ally being inside all the time...hopefully, that can change soon. I am understanding correctly, though, that she WILL be home for Thanksgiving, right? No chemo visits until after...? I'm praying for EVERYONE, too.

  4. Janel and Jared,
    What an adorable picture enjoy your time together. I hope that you start feeling better. If you need anything let me know.
    We hope you have a Happy Thnaskgiving and know that as we all gather in our homes our Thanksgiving prayers will include your family.

  5. Yummy s'mores! I am so glad you had this moment of normalcy with your family. May God continue to bless your family with such moments.