Sunday, November 15, 2009

We. Are. Home.

I woke up this morning to find out that Ally's ANC was only 30. This is pretty much a rounding error for zero, so I started mentally preparing myself that she would have to stay. Even though she had been acting great, and even eating a little, I just figured she would stay. But Dr. French decided that her mouth sores looked better and even though she was neutropenic (low ANC) she would be allowed to go home on a morphine patch and several preventative antibiotics. But...he wouldn't let her go until dinnertime and she had to eat and drink also.

I made it my personal mission to make her drink water and apple juice. She only wanted Panera chicken noodle soup...but promised she would eat it. She is very picky. So I tried to talk her into letting me leave to go get it. No go. So Jerad dragged the kids out and got it and then delivered it to the hospital. And she ate it, and she drank a 20 oz bottle of water and I pretty much begged them to let us go by 3:30 and they did. Me rushing them all along with my bags packed and sitting in the hall. I can be a nuisance about stuff like that. I stay on them like white on rice. Actually a lot of the parents practically RUN out of there when given clearance. Whatever it takes for my girl or more likely whatever it takes to get me the heck out of that place.

So she is home and she ate a huge dinner. My cousin Kevin (an excellent cook) made us her favorite: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. And it was fabulous. When you pretty much don't eat any meal type food for a week, then you get that delivered to your door, is just heaven. We LOVED it. Thank you.

We are always a bit uneasy about things, but I am hoping she sleeps well and we can all enjoy our own beds. She has a morphine patch on right now, so hoping it keeps any lingering pain at bay (and helps her to sleep).

Thanks for always thinking of us. I am praying for a normal Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Back to the hospital on Friday.


  1. Hooray! Here's to an event-free week!

  2. Yea!! What great news! Hope the week goes along peacefully

  3. Home rocks. I'm hoping you all were able to get some sleep last night and have a good week ahead of healing.

  4. Any meal someone else cooks for me is awesome!! Welcome home, enjoy and happy healing. Get some rest, thoughts and prayers for all of you.