Sunday, October 17, 2010


Wow and whew!! We made it home safe and sound. Little visions of Hollywood are still dancing in our heads, and they will be for a long time. I have a ton **ton** of things to do to get back on track with normal life. I promise I will write a full blog with all the details, mainly on the Special Wish...I just have to get around to it. But I do want to say we had an incredible time. The wish far EXCEEDED all of our expectations, which is hard to do since we have been dreaming this up for over a year.

We made it to:

And we have a new member of our Army: Miss Selena Gomez.
And David Henrie

And Jennifer Stone
And yes, Selena did carry Carly around on her hip!! Carly has NO IDEA that the hottest young star in Hollywood swooped her up. After the taping, she was talking to us at dinner and said she would like Selena to babysit her. ?!? Crazy Carly girl.

Ally's surprise was that she was getting a *Private* viewing of the Wizards of Waverly Place taping. We were there for five hours!! And Ally didn't even want to leave then. And the extra, extra surprise was that she got to meet three of the cast members in person.

I am putting together a slide show of the whole wish! I know quite a few of our followers want to see ALL of the pictures. So I will do that soon...right now I am printing some off for the kids to take to school. I hope to not bore you with too many details, but I never want to forget our amazing time in California!
Here is a few more of us posing on the various sets of Waverly:

They let her try on some wizard gear...
Jerad loves the substation....
And now I will end with my first of 1000 thank yous to Special Wish and The Wizards of Waverly Place for making our girls wish come true!


  1. AWESOME!!!! SO happy for Ally!!! She deserved this!

    we were fans of Wizards before, but now, I just love them for working with Wishes to make Ally's dream come true.

  3. Love all the smiles. . . . . on everyone.
    Can't wait for the full report.

  4. You ALL look so awesome, glad it was all that you expected and even more. Looking forward to the next installment. Take care

  5. How wonderful for Ally and all of you. Ally looks so happy and these are the memories that she will have forever.
    Love, Bam Bam

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the family shot, especially. So glad to see such beautiful smiles for all of you. Can't wait to see more.