Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Ally!

‎10-10-10 will be a day I never forget. Gave birth to my first baby 9 years ago today. God gave Ally to me and trusted me to be her Mom. Now we cherish each day with her...especially today as we celebrated her Special Wish at Disneyland. and 100's of people told her happy birthday today!

Many pictures to follow when I get my camera cord again!


  1. what a great way to celebrate! Happy birthday to you and Ally, a great team!

  2. Hello Janel, it was so nice to hear from you. This is Karla, Elaine's friend in Tennessee. I have been scanning your blog and am impressed with your ability to write about things I struggle to find the right words to discuss. Your family is beautiful and I am sure you enjoyed every minute of your "wish".

    We are currently getting ready for one more round of chemo before we head to Nashville for a bone marrow transplant. I find myself anxious and terrified at how close we are to this big step. I still am in shock at starting over and feel like we never left the hospital the first time. I have realized this week we have been home, that it didn't take long to feel like the hospital is the only place we feel normal and productive. The waiting for the next step has taken a lot of the "good" feelings away from being home. Sorry, this week has been hard. Nashville felt like they weren't even concerned when we got there and all I can think about is getting there and started so we can go back to being normal again.

    I feel like I live out of my suitcase even when I am home. Wow. I have spilled enough darkness on your blog. I am just going to say that being able to talk to other families who truely know how it feels to have your world disappear, makes finding your way through, similar to seeing that light house in the distance. You know you are not alone and someone else knows you are there. Stay strong and kiss your Ally for me. She is amazing. All my love, Karla