Friday, October 1, 2010


Thank you for all the prayers! His surgery lasted four hours. He finished up right before I accepted his award for National Man of the Year on stage last night. He did great. Fantastic. He had a fabulously skilled surgeon working on him. The tumor is removed and the surgeon thought it looked benign. They will obviously send it out for pathology, so we will wait to hear. His facial muscles and nerves all appear to be ok. This is great because it is a rather involved area to operate on. Thank you everyone for caring and asking about him. I have been inundated with calls/emails/texts all asking my about my Dad. The best news is that he gets to come home today. We weren't sure how his wound would drain, etc and how long it would be. They already took the drain out and they are letting him go. I am gonna make him some food and see him in Beavercreek! Now we just have to make him SIT all weekend (not easy).

And the Light the Night Walk was another beautiful and moving night. I was so proud to have my daughter there and WALKING the whole two miles this year. She carried her survivor white balloon and wore her survivor t-shirt. What a difference a year can make. We were so pleased to have 200 walkers there with us. And we came in second place raising somewhere around $18,000! WOW.

I was especially happy that a few very important people were there for her..Her grandparents, her aunts/uncles/cousins....many of her great-Aunts and great-Uncles drove all the way from Junction City. Her sweet teacher Mrs. Torbeck was right there with us (and her family). One of her favorite nurses from the inpatient unit, Monica, was there with us. Monica even had her new baby in an Ally's Army shirt. Her friend Madison Reger, who had lymphoma and got her port put in the same day as Ally walked with our team. And another ALL survivor, Susan Jacobs, who works with Ally's Uncle Brad came all the way down from Columbus to walk.
Thank you to Billy Donlon and the entire Wright State Basketball team who walked with our girl. You guys are the best and it means so much to Ally.

Ally's Army top fundraisers walked right with us:

Barbara Buffenbarger
Jenn Kacmarynski
Denise Boxley
Karen Cook
Jessica Neal
Madison and Caulin Booher
Jennifer Torbeck
Braden and Vivian Sanders
Susan Jacobs
James Neff
Quintin Goffe

Thank you guys for reaching out to your friends and family on behalf of Ally's Army for LLS.

And my good friend, Nicki Winger, again put together a slide show of all the pictures she took. It is a fun one because she has them running with a song Ally loves: Magic, by Selena Gomez. That is who we are going to see next week for Ally's special wish. Thanks Nick! Click here to see the video (pictures are a little fast!)


  1. Awesome! You've all been in my thoughts and prayers since I read that yesterday. Thanks again for an amazing night. So glad we could be a part of it. (And I think there was WAY more than 200 people there in orange!)

  2. It is an honor to walk with Ally on this special night! Nicki did an excellent job putting together the video-many happy faces on it, and glad to hear your dad gets to come home today!

  3. What an awesome video! Last night was very moving and my daughter and I enjoyed walking right behind Ally's Army with her own team. Glad to hear how your dad's doing too!

  4. Glad to hear your dad is doing well. Good luck getting him to stay quiet this weekend. LOL.

  5. Fabulous news!! Great job on the video Nicki, almost felt like we were there!

  6. Great job Nicki, have played it 3 times I wish I could have been there. Wonderful to see all the kids & friends.