Sunday, October 3, 2010

Special Wish Details

The Special Wish is coming!! We found out a little more information from our coordinator Stephanie (who has done an amazing job putting this together with very little notice!)

It all starts with us being picked up in a limousine!!!! And we will be driven up to the Columbus airport to catch our flight on American Airlines. We are flying to Dallas (wonder if Romo could stop by) first and then catching another jet to Orange County. We are avoiding LA's airport and Orange County is closer to our first destination anyway. It will be a long flight...I am a little worried for Carly's sake...but we will make it.

The first five nights we are staying at a Disneyland Resort called Paradise Pier. We have not one, but two rooms! Which will be nice because we are staying there for five nights. Special Wish has gotten us 3 day park hopper tickets...there are two parks...Disneyland and California Adventure. We can use them any three days we wish! They also got us tickets to Legoland, which was both Ally and Evan's wish. We have a rental van to get us around and down to Legoland, which looks about 35 miles away. We would also like to go see some of those famous California beaches.

The last two days we are going to be staying in Hollywood at a hotel called the Renaissance, again with two rooms. We are going to tour around the area and get our binoculars out to look for celebrities.

For certain, we will be seeing a few. On her actual wish day, we are going to be guests in the audience for the taping of the Wizards of Waverly Place. I think we get to sit in on the taping for about 30 minutes. The only drawback is that Carly is too young to go into the studio for the taping. Evan is too, but they are making an exception for him. Lucky for us, we know exactly one person in Hollywood. Jerad's friend from high school days, Marc, is going to meet us there and sit back with Carly so both Jerad and I can participate in the wish. There are more surprises for that day. Even I don't know what all is going on because I told them that I want to be surprised too! I just need to know where and when to be.

After the wish, we fly back home the next day. Again a limo waiting to bring us home. Which is super-great because we don't land until 11pm.

We may find out a little more this week. Special Wish is coming to the house to present Ally with her wish and some presents, etc. I will share if we get any other information. So many of you have been so interested in this, and I don't blame you. We are feeling very grateful that after 17 months without a vacation (minus a short trip to see our family in August)...we are actually going to do it. And now, I must share, that I am absolutely scared to death that someone is going to sick, etc. That is what always seems to happen to us, but not this time. Please pray that all works out for my girl! I have made her promise that she will wash her hands excessively, etc. I ask her if she feels ok approximately every 10 minutes. Evan even had a flushed face today and I ran up to feel his forehead. I am paranoid! I will be hard to live with this week (sorry Jerad). I am tempted to put them into the bubble, but can't really do that.

This is more exciting than every holiday of the year combined into one. Many days while we laid in the hospital and watched our girl suffer, we would talk about her wish just to pep her up. And now, God willing, it is actually coming true.Thank you Special Wish.

I also want to say that my Dad came home from the hospital. He has had some pain and is tired, but he seems to be healing up well. He is tough as nails. It was a good weekend to stay inside and watch football. Thanks to everyone who has kept him in your prayers and sent me notes as such.....

We also have one more super exciting piece of news. Ally has a new cousin and I have a new niece. Welcome to our family little baby girl Madeline. It was a joy to meet you today! We can't wait to hold you for hours and hours when we get back from California. I will try to find you some itty-bitty mouse ears for your adorable little head.


  1. Sounds like a total blast! No one will get sick - don't worry - for once! I am so happy for you all! You definitely deserve it!

  2. That is going to be a wonderful, fun time, and no one deserves it more than you guys! Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing all the wonderful pics!

  3. You have my prayers for health, what a dream trip!

  4. wow.I hadn't read since the LTN logistics post. So much has happened. I'll be thinking about your dad too- and who would doubt he'd be a champ through the surgery. I think your dad is the definition of "as tough as nail." Congratulations on your Madeline, and I can't wait to hear all about your CA visit. My in-laws live in LA, and seriously, if you need something in a bind, please let me know and I'll call them. I'll send you my cell on fb.
    p.s. try not to worry TOO much....

  5. Hi, Im not sure if I have ever comment on here before, although I have read your blog many times. Your friend Nicki commented on my blog awhile back. She sent me a link to your blog because my daughter, Cami, was diagnosed with ALL this July. It has been a tough road, but I have found it very helpful to read blogs of others who are going through this with us. Thank you for writing about Ally's story. It has helped me and Im sure many others. I hope you have a great trip!

    Oh- and you can check out our blog for cami at

  6. I am so happy that you guys get this opportunity. Enjoy every moment and take lots of pictures which I know you will :)

    All the Best!

    Julie Mescher