Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Beach!

While in California, we had to make a couple of trips to the beach. They are absolutely beautiful out there. We have been to lots of east coast/Florida beaches, but the best part about California is that you get the beauty of the ocean and also the beauty of the mountains...all in the same view. It is really just a breathtaking sight. But, on the flip side, you can't really swim in the water, even in Southern California, because it is so cold. And the waves are pretty high too. I guess this is why everyone surfs. In wetsuits.
We went to the town of Laguna Beach, which I had seen on TV at some point. We drove up to the cliff, overlooking the beach, and it was quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. Really. I could have sat in the same spot for days.

And the kids all found various treasures on the beach. (nothing as cool as a Longboat Key Sand Dollar, however)

We decided to drive up Highway 1 to Seal Beach. This was my only part of the trip that I asked to do. I was thinking of being in Northern California and how I had seen seals right on the beaches. Ally would love that being that she sleeps with her Bobo seal every stinking night of her life. Well lets just say that Janey (me) is no Clark Griswold and the seals no longer come to Seal Beach. ah ha ha ha ha. I did not do the research. Jerad = not so amused.
On the bright side, I have followed a few fabulous photographers from the area (one being Tara Whitney) and I love their work at the ocean...always with a really cool looking pier in the background. And Seal Beach had the most awesome pier ever, so I was really very happy we went there. And at sunset! I spent forever checking out the pier. It was so cool...check out the depth....
LOVE IT Even got the fam shot in, with my pier.
And let Ally practice taking one of Clark and I......
And one of me with my crazy kids.....
Until we collapsed, and it got caught on camera....
And we ran like crazy up and down that beach because it was so gigantic!!
We are still getting our act back together after the trip. Ally didn't feel so great Monday and Tuesday this week. They had increased her chemo, so it could be that (her counts should be dropping). She may have also just picked up a little bug. She seems better now and is all set to go out trick or treating this year. She is dressing up like a nerd! Wow she is getting old to choose to be that.
Dad had his follow up appointment at OSU and all is well with that. He healed up nicely and the tumor was definitely benign. Quite a scare for us. Now today he is scaring me again. He is back in the hospital with some heart irregularities and I need my army to say more prayers that the doctors figure it out and make him better again. He has not been feeling great for a while now, so maybe this will explain some things. Having only one parent now, I get pretty shook up when anything happens to the only one I still have. Please pray that he gets well soon.......


  1. Terri Barnett ShumakerOctober 29, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    Lots of prayers and Love coming to you all!

    I love the pics. I love the beach too don't want to swim in it just be by it!!

  2. The pictures are awesome, I really love the collapse and the smiles on everyone's face. I will definitely say lots of prayers for your dad, but I am sure he will be fine. You two are so much alike, you never know when to slow down, you both work so hard all the time. Lots and lots of prayers for all of you. Once again, thanks for the pictures.

  3. wonderful pictures! you have all my prayers today for your dad. it will be okay, sweet.

  4. Fantastic pictures....sometimes I miss the West Coast. Your smiles are precious and beautiful. I love it that Clark wasn't amused with your seal beach trip. Classic.
    Saying prayers for your Dad. Keeping the faith.