Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sign up for Light the Night

As I suspected, my littlest girl ended up doing great on her first day of preschool. She ran right into her class and I had to call her back out to the hallway to give me a kiss. For a person who was born into the life of medical drama, since six months of age, she is a very well adjusted little girl. I was very very proud of her. Jerad asked me if I cried. "HUH? What did you say? Cry? HECK NO" I was not crying for sure. We have had plenty of things to cry about over the past couple years. Plenty. I even am a crier. But this was overwhelmingly a happy moment for me. I used my two hours wisely and even took about half of it to do something for myself. (Thanks Joey! So glad I have gotten to know you)
What is even more remarkable to me is how much Ally is thriving in school. She absolutely loves it. She LOVES her teacher. Even crazier, she is loving learning. I think she truly likes doing the 3rd grade work. She is like a little sponge absorbing all that is going in her classroom and she even has the ability to tell me all about it. This is a great thing because last year was so hard on her and learning fell down the list a little. It was somewhere behind just surviving each day. Now she does her homework (on the bus!) with no argument. She wakes up all on her own each morning. She helps to wake her brother (not easy) and actually will eat before school. She even mentioned something about reading a book at recess. I said "why don't you just play with the other kids? you can take a break!"
We have also contacted the swim coach and the piano teacher. She wants to do it. How on earth could I ever tell her no? I will drive myself really doesn't matter. I just have to keep reminding myself of where we have come from.
I think I finally have the Light the Night Webpage ready to go. If you are planning on walking, which I hope you are, would you please sign up at the following link. I hope to have many of you there to show Ally our support. This year her "survivor" balloon will have that much more significance to us. She has certainly earned it.


  1. Love Carly's skirt/tutu, so cute!! And hearing about Ally and school is such positive, encouraging news. Good for her!!! Wishing I was still in Dayton for two reasons: 1. I've taught piano lessons since I was a junior in college (music minor) and 2. so we could walk in the Dayton Light the Night. We are looking into a walk here in Annapolis though and if we are able to participate we will certainly be wearing our Ally's Army shirts. Thinking of you all.

  2. So glad to hear things are going so well for the entire Barnett family!! Miss you bunches!!

  3. We share your concerns and pray for all of you and we smile with you when you share such happy - as you would say - normal days. Thinking of you!
    Reid and Susan