Friday, September 10, 2010

USA Today Ad

Since Dad successfully won the National Man of the Year title through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a congratulations ad will appear in the USA Today. I am very proud that they are getting National Recognition, so I have attached the ad here (I only have a black and white version). It will be running in the paper next week...I was hoping to have an exact date for you so that those across the country can look for it. If I get one, I will post it. Here is the ad:

Ally and Dad will also be featured in some LLS advertising media, etc. Here is a portion of a brochure that LLS has created:
Ally is continuing to do well. She had another first yesterday: she started taking piano lessons. She has asked me and asked me to do this for years. I guess I finally relented. I feel bad because neither Jerad nor I are musical and really can't help her. But I was convinced that should not be a problem and someday I do want to learn myself! My Mom and Dad had a piano that Dad had actually moved out of their house a while ago. (oh yea, they didn't play either, but had the piano) With my Dad's blessing, we are now moving it into our house. Thank you Dad. Bye bye to my dining room. But the piano is more beautiful anyway!

Ally's ANC continues to be high (2900!) so Dr B raised her daily chemo levels again. He has raised them every week now for this entire month. We are up to 10ccs of 6-MP and 8ccs of methotrexate. He wants her ANC to be 1000. She is due in next week to the hospital on Thursday for a spinal tap, intrethecal chemo, and chemo through her port. She will get a spinal tap every three months now. We used to do spinals a lot, at one point once a week. Now that we haven't done one in a while it is looming large over us. I hate for her to go through it and I NEVER want them to find any leukemic cells in that spinal fluid. That just happened to a friend of ours. I would appreciate any extra prayers for her in this regard.

Thanks and have a good weekend!


  1. That. Is. Awesome. Every time I read it or think about the impact, I get the warm fuzzies. Great picture, too!

  2. Janel
    Thanks for all the info and all the good times, I have been away for a bit so i have not written, but have tried to follow you guys. I too remember those days at walnut grove and your mom was "Queen of the Green" it was awesome to be on her team. And Ally at the swimming pool, wow, now those are lots of memories. Everyone looks happy and doing their thing so that is a wonderful start to a great year. Great photos, too, keep them coming. Will look for the USA today, take care and continue that one day at a time, you are doing awesome!!!!!!

  3. I saw your dad's Man of the Year Billboard off of I-75 last week...pretty cool!