Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend.

Wow, another holiday weekend has gone past us. It was beautiful here, almost chilly on Saturday. It really brings the feel of fall to the air. We really had a nice weekend and tried to do a lot of those summery things (at least) one last time. We had a nice pool party with some family and friends on Friday night. We made our own pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven and really enjoyed seeing all of our Kohler's friends too. It is such a great thing to be surrounded by people that you love on a beautiful Friday night, especially knowing you have a full three days off right after! I watched in amazement as Ally was running from one thing to the next...water slide....diving board. It never fails me, if I see my girl start running (and it is still a very weak and very uncoordinated run) it makes me SMILE. I just love to see her get a little spring in her step and a little smile on her face.

We also went up to Columbus on Saturday to see more family and celebrate my niece and nephews birthdays! Happy Birthday Bella and Ben! I always love seeing my twin one year old nieces and I LOVE LOVE seeing my two girls fawn all over them. We have one more Barnett cousin due this month which will give me my 12th niece or nephew. Phew.

We really tried to hold onto summer a little while longer....eating on the deck, playing outside, watching some soccer, and even taking the kids out for a round of golf. We have promised them all summer, but man it was just too hot up until now. I loved taking them around Walnut Grove and playing golf with them. I always golfed as a child, and my Mom was an avid avid golfer. When I go to Walnut Grove, it is one of those places that I can just feel my Mom right there with me. A little butterfly was following us around and I told the kids stories of how Ma used to be Queen of the Green there. I took them in the locker room and showed them her picture and her name on the plaque (three times!) for being their league champion. We were riding around on the golf cart and I was telling Carly how I really loved my Mom. And she turned to me, with her sweet little voice, gave me a hug and said "NO, I love my Mommy" And there is another moment that I never want to forget.

My sweet Grandma Josie is in the hospital now...she is the one that we just went to see a few weeks back in Erie. She is battling a few ailments, but mainly she is 91 years old and things just get hard at that age. We are praying she gets better and can go back home. I sent my love over the phone, but it is just not the same.

We continue to relish in the normal aspects of our life. We spent a good part of our Labor Day cleaning out Ally's closet/room. It is amazing how messed up things can get when you fly by the seat of your pants for two years. There has certainly not been time to do anything organizational like we did today. Jerad even helped me out and didn't complain! We are just happy that we are getting some time to get our lives back in order. So many things forgotten, misplaced, ruined, etc as we just struggled to get by. We pray that our normalcy continues, and we continue to pray for all of those suffering from diseases like cancer. We also pray for those that have lost a loved one and are now left behind to mourn.
Thanks to all who join us in our prayers.


  1. Glad to hear you all had another nice weekend. Lord knows you deserve a whole boatload of them! And please please send Grandma Josie my love and hope everything is okay and she gets to come home soon.

    L, Lisa

  2. It is very wonderful of managing the leave as holidays with spending the moment with family altogether.
    This comes every year so there is no more puzzling about it.