Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ally had her first swim practice tonight. I can honestly say I have never been more proud of her. I was waaaaay more nervous than her. My stomach in knots all day. Here is a girl who has had 16 months of chemotherapy ravaging her body and her muscles and her strength. She is still taking the chemotherapy. And she got in there and swam with the team. She is slow, she is learning, she even cramped up when doing the kickboard and got out upset. But she got right back in and she kept going. I think she probably swam 25 laps tonight. A lot for someone of her strength level. And her three coaches, Chris, Nick, and Rob were super encouraging to her. Just right there with her and pushing her along. I even saw Rob on the side of the pool, which was probably wet, LAYING DOWN in his jeans trying to show Ally how to do a proper flutter kick. They don't have to do all. I am hoping she sticks with it...even if she never gets to a meet, but just to have the exercise and the teamwork, etc. Way to go Ally.

Please be in prayer for our girl Ally on Thursday. She is undergoing a spinal tap. They will check her fluid to make sure it remains clear of leukemic cells and they will give her chemo into her spine. This is a routine and scheduled thing, but it still brings stress to her mother. I will feel much better when it is completed. Our regular days are now interrupted by a day at the hospital, and with it comes apprehension.


  1. We received your post on Tim's website and have added Ally and your family to our prayer list. May God be with you on Thursday for the spinal tap.

  2. I think Ally will make it to a meet and I'm looking forward to seeing her swim. Our season starts in about a week. Keep at it Ally!

  3. I know how you feel about spinal taps. Our daughter will have her third one next Wednesday. I'm hoping it gets easier, but I'm sure there is always apprehension as you've shared. I'm praying for Ally and your family.