Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Intense Chemo Over Celebration.

So yesterday was a big day for Ally. She got her last chemo of the "intense" phase of her treatment. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Before anyone gets too excited, we do have a full 16 months more of chemo to come. (yuck) But it should be a lighter chemo. She will take her chemo at home mostly, via pills and liquids and steriods (double yuck). She will still get a spinal tap every three months (much better) and her port will only get accessed and chemo given that way once a month. This=way less hospital visits. Which means we should be able to schedule more things....leave the city once in a while....breathe a little bit. I am hoping it means that we are not constantly scrambling like we have done for the past year. And most importantly, she will feel better.

I do feel like the fog is lifting a little. I know I feel better. Those that see me frequently, I think they can hear it in my voice. I am finding myself wanting to do more I am packing every little activity into every last day. You want to go to the pool? Lets go. You want to go fishing? Sure, lets have a later bedtime. Those kinds of things. I have learned that you never know what the next day will bring. You have to live for NOW. Not next week, or next month, but NOW. I am doing my part anyway. I learned my lesson the hard way.

And because I have to make everything a big deal around here, we decided a little celebration was in order. I know we cannot say "last chemo" and some of the neighbors were asking about the signs?? do you say "lighter chemo" we are celebrating "lighter chemo" Baby steps, I guess. We just had to mark the occasion for her. Evan and I had decided to decorate her room. Carly and I went and got cupcakes. And our friends and family, all on their own, decided to decorate the front porch. And we all hopped out and surprised her with Ally's Army shirts when she pulled in from the hospital. The cute little look on her face says it all. Thank you everybody for helping to make it special for her. She is lucky to have such caring people around her.

I don't know why I have so many pictures, but I I will share.


The porch signs...
Here she is right out of the car...we kept it a secret!
She was happy in her own little quiet Ally Barnett way. I love this smile.

Some of the army..
more balloons all over her bed....
Evan made a cute poster (and silly bands were attached!)


  1. How awesome was all that. What a great thing to celebrate--you have made it through the most difficult part and you did it one day at a time. I am so proud of you and your family. Better times are coming, keep up the good work. Those cupcakes looked wonderful.

  2. Definitely a milestone to celebrate! You all deserve to enjoy this moment.

  3. Those cupcakes do look good, and I'm not a big cake fan. I love that smiling pic of her too, the one with Jerad. I too feel like things are on the up--it's been a pretty amazing past few weeks. Soooo different from last year. Hoping this less intense phase is indeed just that!

  4. Yipeee!!!! Such a wonderful Day! Ally's smile brightens up everyone's world! It is like sunshine! Here is to a better phase for all of you! So glad you got out of town and kicked back with friends! You all deserved a break from reality!

    Happy Summer!

    Kac Family

    Go Ally - you did it!! Easier days ahead!!!
    With continued thoughts and prayers,
    Tori and family

  6. THAT ROCKS!!!! Congratulations. Ally's smile with her dad makes me smile so much. Thanks for sharing your victory.

  7. This brings tears to my eyes!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, you all made it! Please know life will be GREAT'll soon see! I'm so happy for her and that the hardest part is behind all of you. What a brave, strong daughter you have. She's amazing and you are right for wanting to celebrate. You deserve it! Now, sit back and get your life back together. It's a wonderful day for YOU too!!!!!!