Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I might start to sound like a broken record, but I am sure you all can share in my joy. I am scared to even say it, but Ally is doing amazingly well. She is so happy this week...doing that cooking camp that she has been waiting and waiting for. Going to the pool. Playing with her buddy Madison all the time, every day. She is just so happy. Jerad and I are noticing a definite difference in her. She has obviously been on delays before, and she normally feels better during those times. But there is something a little different now. Now, she is feeling well but also acting like a kid again. I don't really know how to describe it other than she is acting silly, making silly voices, goofing off with her friends, and really playing with her brother and sister. She is having numerous times a day where she busts out with a belly laugh. We have seen an Ally that feels pretty good, Yes. But we have really not had the chance to see the "old Ally" as she was before leukemia stole a part of her childhood. I don't know what to say other than we are overflowing with gratitude and joy. We are saying many many prayers that her cancer never returns. We are praying that this upcoming maintenance phase is not too hard on her..I keep hearing that it takes the docs a few months to figure it out. We will continue to be patient and strong.

A lot of people have been asking about me (thanks). People can see it on my face that I feel better. I must have looked quite anxious there for a while. Lots of people have said things to me, anyway. And yes, I am feeling better and starting to do some more "normal" things that I hadn't done in a very long time. I saw a movie, organized my kids artwork from the past school year, shopping, little things that I could never seem to get to. And the really really big news is that I got to go back to work today. I have been working at home all the time for the past year. Barely keeping my head above water...getting stuff done at the last hour before a deadline. Mostly working at night after the kids are tucked into bed, but really I was tired too and wanted to go to bed. Today, TODAY, I went to my office. Sat at my little computer and did my (very small) payroll job. I like to work. Most people probably wonder why in the world I do it, but I truly like to do it. I like to have something my own. I like to make some small contribution to our family business. I like to enter into the adult world, if even for a few short hours a week. I like to have my own paycheck. So this small step made me very happy today too.

I have been spending a huge amount of my time doing fun stuff with the kids lately. (as it should be) But I am also working on a slideshow of all the pictures from the Ally's Army Battles Cancer event. It will be really cool if I can EVER figure out how to insert a portrait-oriented picture into my slideshow in Photoshop Elements. (anyone? anyone?) I have some great pictures to share, so hopefully I get this thing done soon. It all just takes time. Luckily I have a little more of that lately.

Saying extra prayers for all of our hospital family tonight. Especially Skye, Lincoln, and Katie. I feel guilty even saying Ally is doing well when my heart is actually breaking for some of the other kids.


  1. a well deserved summer break!! Ally is a girl after my own heart, I'd love to go to cooking camp. So glad that she is able to enjoy it. I can 'hear' the difference in you writing voice as well, thank God for these wonderful days.

  2. I am one of those followers that you don't know, but I have been keeping up since the beginning. I used to work with Amanda Barnett (Stamey) and she sent me your blog. This post just makes my heart happy...so glad that Ally is able to be Ally. You and your family are so courageous! We will continue to pray for Ally and your whole family!
    Lauren Ford