Thursday, June 3, 2010

More blood....

We had yet another blood transfusion today. Sort of unexpected...but we were wondering if she would need it. She started suffering headaches at school this morning. Another finger prick indicated her hemoglobin was at 7.5....the other day she was 7.1 and they tried to hold off. But it wasn't meant to be. After six hours at the hospital today (with her little sister there for about 3 of them!) she got another bag of blood. She "pinked up" quite nicely and I am kind of hoping that might be the last bag of blood she takes from the blood supply. But chances are she may need it again.

Afterwards, we celebrated (again) her last chemo by going to the Greene and getting a manicure with her BFF Madison. The Mommies even got one too in preparation for the big Man of the Year party at the Schuster Center Friday night. It was a very nice treat. When we got home....she said...Mommy, we should go do that every week. I said "don't tell your Pa or he will definitely make sure that happens."

Dayton Children's put together a little video of the unveiling of the Mills Family Lounge on the Hemoc floor. Since they spent the time doing it, I am going to cheat and use their video...saves me some editing time. I still want to post more on it too. Trying to save up my blog material...

Click the link to see a little clip....It was on the news the other night too...just a quick blurb.

And thank you blood donors and the Community Blood Center. We are grateful.


  1. AWESOME! A comfortable place for many to enjoy, great job.

  2. Hooray! So glad this phase is finally here, and just in time for warm weather. Get out there and enjoy, and I think Ally's on to something with those weekly manicures :)

  3. Blood is okay :) You may find maintenance isn't all that great for the first couple of months while they figure out the best doses for her. Our Allison started out on 100% which we soon found out was to much and put us back in the hospital. Once they lowered her to 50%, it was perfect. Her ANC has been stable and perfect ever since. Hopefully, she'll tolerate what they put her on from the start. Was irritated they started her so high based on the fact she never tolerated the hard stuff very well. Anyway, don't get me wrong, maintenance IS all that it's cracked up to be once they figure out how many pills her body can handle.