Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ally continues to do amazingly well and we are really enjoying summer. Every day is fun from morning until night. As I tucked her in tonight, I said to her...isn't it nice to not have to be sick all the time anymore? She smiled. She deserves every single fun thing that comes her way. Our neighbors set off fireworks for hours tonight and we just sat and watched them all from the driveway. The kids loved it and were catching lightning bugs and having the best time. Just one of those perfect summer nights that I would like to bottle up and put into my "heaven" someday. (minus all the yelling for the kids to back away from the fireworks..hee hee)

We also went to a graduation party for a friend of ours, Megan, who has also babysat for us. She has babysat for us for a couple years. I didn't even know it, until Ally was diagnosed, but Megan also had ALL when she was a little girl. I remember being amazed to learn that because Megan is just the sweetest, most full of life girl. She is also a STATE CHAMPION on the balance beam. So she had a scrapbook there for all the guests to sign and Ally had signed it. My friends, the Boohers, said go look at what Ally wrote to Megan. She wrote "Megan, you must be really strong. Like me. Love, Ally" It was the sweetest thing. I know we all know that she is strong, but I never knew that she thought of herself as strong. But she does. And she is. And I continue to be proud of my Ally.


  1. what a perfect night, there would have been the same yelling about baking up at my house :) Ally is awesome! What a gift that she has discovered her strength.

  2. I wish we hadn't missed all those fireworks--sounds like fun! That is so sweet what she wrote to Megan. I think she is even stronger than she knows!

  3. It is nice to hear her recognize and verbalize that she is strong, that is wonderful. She is an inspiration to many.