Sunday, April 11, 2010

Special Announcement

Ally was diagnosed with leukemia on May 27th, 2009. As you all know, this was a horrific day in the Barnett and Mills world. If you are still reading, you have followed us through this journey, or maybe you have picked up with us part-way through. If you are reading, you are a member of Ally's Army. An Army that we have built up and maintained contact with and garnered strength from and will be eternally grateful for. Noone said this would be easy, but without the Army it would have been impossible. I still look around at many events and see loyal wearers of the Ally's Army Orange wristbands. It still brings tears to my eyes. (Even last night at a good friends wedding....the groom, the best man, the parents of the groom...all decked out in their finest attire, but still supporting our girl with their wristbands....THANK YOU DETMERS)

Tonight I have a special announcement. To celebrate Ally reaching the 1 year point in her treatment, and to celebrate her entrance into her maintenance phase of treatment, we are having a BIG PARTY. And we would like to invite every single member of Ally's Army to come. Family, friends, teachers, co-workers, old friends, new friends, our hospital family, Ally's nurses/docs...anyone who has ever been touched by her story.

The event will be:
Ally's Army Battles Cancer
May 22nd, 2010 (evening, time TBA)

At the one and only Fox Hill

2037 Beaver Valley Road, Beavercreek

Food and drink have been DONATED

Several local bands will be performing

Silent and Live Auctions will be held
There is one catch. There will be a $25 entrance fee to get into the party. All of the proceeds (ALL!) will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to make a difference and fund a cure! My dad has taken on the noble task of running for the LLS Man of the Year campaign. He is trying to raise as much money as possible for the LLS on behalf of his granddaughter. If he can raise enough money (AND HE WILL) he will be able to name a research grant in Ally's name and help someone to research a cure for her specific type of leukemia (ALL) You all know that my Dad is an amazing philanthropist with a huge heart and he has done many good things for our community. He will continue his legacy as Ally battles her cancer and wins and we will not forget to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the many lives that have been affected by blood cancers.

I will post more later as to how you can help him in his campaign. Fundraising is hard work, but fighting cancer is even harder, especially when you are just a little girl.

I would love to beat the number we had at Ally's Light the Night Walk last year. We had 400 people there for her. A huge goal, I know. We can beat it. We will have a fun party and celebrate and make a difference all in the same night. So please mark your calendars now: Saturday May 22nd. And spread the word. All are welcome. We would love to see you there and hug every single one of you for your support.
Ally and her Pa (my dad)

Bob with his grandchildren (minus one)....

They give him many reasons to make a difference in the world.


  1. Okay, it's on the calendar, now to clear it with my parents for some babysitting! Hope to see you and 'go Bob, go!'

  2. What a wonderful celebration. It would be an honor to attend. I have it on my book.

  3. Don and I will be there too! I can't think of a better celebration than this!!

  4. So, what does a plane ticket cost from AZ to Ohio? Hmmm . . .


  5. Cobbs are in!!! We'll be in town and I literally shrieked when I read the blog post and saw that the dates coincide with our trip. I'm so excited! And I'm bringing my camera!!!

  6. Definitely a reason to celebrate. It's on the calendar!