Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Thursday Ahead

Just a quick post. Ally is going in to the clinic on Thursday for more blood. Her hemoglobin was not super low, but Dr B wanted her to do it either this week, or early next week. She is on the way downwards in regards to that, so they know she was not gonna be making any of her own red blood. Ally is getting her first communion on Saturday night, so I also think they were trying to make her feel better for that. So we have a busy day of being at the clinic at 930...right after that I am sneaking her into see her dentist. She has been having some teeth issues lately. I am not sure what is going on or if it is related to the leukemia/treatment or not. She has not been permitted to see the dentist this entire time. You can't really risk getting your teeth cleaned, gums nicked, and have an infection enter the bloodstream. Her teeth have suffered too, but that is a whole other story. Tomorrow we are just gonna let Dr Roddy take a look and see if he can figure out her pain. After that, she is off for tutoring since she will have missed a couple days this week. Whew, busy day.

For some odd reason, I have really been missing my mom today. Lots of reminders...all in the same day. Sad. A couple weird things happened to me and I just have a feeling that she is back here with me. Jerad thinks she is holding onto us again...helping us to get through this next really hard month. I hope it is true. Ally could use a little guardian angel for what she is going to have to face in May.

Thanks to all who have already registered for the party. Lots of people just in one day! Here is the link again...I gotta figure out how to get it on the sidebar.


  1. Janel,
    Your mom has been with you every step of the way. Especially, this spring, I have felt Marcy all around. My daffodils, lilacs, dogwoods, redbuds, morel mushrooms, all the wonders of spring will always remind me of her. It was just one of our many connections. Many of the beautiful gift she so loved. As I am out enjoying ,I can hear her voice telling me OH how beautiful. I have more rice bags being made.
    Keep the faith as you all march on to the finish line. You will all cross together.

  2. I don't think your Mom ever leaves, she just holds on a little tighter when she knows you need her.

  3. Janel, I feel your Mom is always there watching and supporting, just like John is with me every day. They stay in the background until they know we need that extra push or that extra shoulder--then they push us just a bit harder or give us that extra bit of strength that we need. Keep up the awesome job you and your entire family are doing--you are amazing. You also give the rest of us strength. Thoughts and prayers for a good weekend.

  4. Yes, your mom is with you and always will be. I'm a firm believer that once they move on, they are truly closer than ever!!!!!! She's holding your hand, carrying you, hugging you, sleeping next to you, crying with you, laughing with you, and most of all right by Ally's side during ALL of this! You are blessed to be reminded throughout your days of your mother through certain situations. It's her way of showing you, she's with you :) Hold onto her love, Janel......there is nothing like a mother's love! Mother's NEVER leave us, find comfort in knowing that.

    So, now that I'm wiping the tears away for you......very interesting about the teeth. Can't wait to read what they say. Allison went once she started maintenance as I was very worried with her just having baby teeth and the root damage that might be going on. Everything looks perfect so far. Although, after chewing all these you know what pills, I'm not sure what the future holds with permanent teeth trying to form. Hopefully, your Ally's are all healthy up to this point since she does have some permanent teeth already.

    Another thing in common for us is Allison's sister, Kaitlyn, will be making her First Communion Sunday morning. She is so excited as I'm sure Ally is too. Such a special day for them and one that we never forget as little girls. I remember mine like it was yesterday.

    Well, wish we lived closer to be able to attend the party.....looks like it will be a blast!

    Hang in there and glad to see you are still following along on our journey :) Enjoy your special weekend!