Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Allys Army Battles Cancer (LIVE)

Today was another day, just like many others, where we went to the hospital to get Ally's chemo. Vincristin and Doxurubicin were the players today. She also started back up on seven more straight days of the dreaded steriods. It is a bit like Groundhog Day. Get up, do it again, park in the same spot, say hi to the same desk clerk, check in, weigh in, back to our room...you get the picture. It is a reality that I would rather not be living right now. But the fact of the matter is that I LOVE the people that are all helping Ally to fight off the leukemia. After 11 months, you get quite attached to these people. They have seen me through my tears and anguish, but also through my happy days when Ally proves herself as a walking and talking survivor story.

They all know me as a bit of a champion for the cause. Trying to rally the troops for the Light the Night Walk...to fixing up the patient playroom on the fourth floor....to my father who donated the TVs and Chemo chairs...long before we knew we would ever need them. I even had one of the doctors today ask me if I could help his son with his cause..and I will. I love to do good things for lots of other people and God has blessed me to be able to do so. Nothing is better than making someone else feel good or happy. And today, lots of people were congratulating nurse Sharon for the award that she just won. Because I took the time to tell somebody how awesome she is. And that made me happy too.

So noone was the least bit surprised when we walked into the clinic today with a videographer in tow. An awesome and creative guy, named Joel, who goes to our church was shadowing us all day. We signed all the releases, got everybody on board, and filmed a typical day in the life of Ally. Well, maybe not typical, because she was feeling so good, but one of the many days that we have spent there is now captured on camera. We even had a second star, her best buddy and fellow ALL survivor Amanda, who was in Almost Home getting a spinal tap. We are planning to show this video (well a shortened and souped up version of it) at Ally's fundraiser party on May 22nd. Hoping I can get it on the blog soon after that too. Hopefully, it will bring some sort of awareness of what pediatric cancer can do. And pediatric cancer is pretty much never talked about in the mainstream. Pink ribbons yes. Kids with cancer, no. Maybe this will be some small attempt at raising awareness.

And on that note...I have good news. A website specific for the Ally's Army Battles Cancer event on May 22nd is now up and running. All of you who have been wondering how to get your spots reserved can now do so at:


Thank you for registering....this allows us to determine food quantities, seats, etc. But most importantly, we are just thrilled by all who want to join us in our latest endeavor.

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