Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And we are off.....

Ally and Jerad made it home at about 5:30....she did fine with the spinal tap even though her Mama wasn't there. Jerad said it was one of the better ones she has ever screaming, etc. She got the chemo injected into her spinal fluid, and also regular chemos Vincristin and Doxurubicin (its red). The Doxurubicin is the culprit that makes her lose her hair. AGAIN. She had just gotten a little peach fuzz back. She also got her monthly antibiotic infusion and an infusion of IVIG which boosts her immunity. I was very glad they did this considering her sister had the fever, and her brother was home with the fever that very same day. If Ally would get the fever, it would likely result in a hospital stay since her ANC is on its way downward.

Speaking of ANC, we are back into the world where it is going to be very low. No quick trips to the store or anything like that. No movies or indoor events. They allow school, but that is about it. Luckily it is quite warm outside and she is allowed to do anything outdoors. We really got spoiled by the last phase where her ANC was almost always above 1000. Of course we also paid for that with pancreatitis. And, speaking of pancreatitis, Ally never ever never ever has to get those PEG asparaginase leg shots again. They suspended her last two because of her bout with pancreatitis. I hope this is ok with the cancer cells (if there are any), but I am feeling that I don't want her to have that chemo again after what we went through.

So Ally pretty much felt yucky all day today. We were back to lots of complaints about her stomach and hurting all over. Not eating. But that is okay because she had gained the full 12 pounds back that she lost last month. Man, that girl can fluctuate her weight! She didn't feel up to going to school and I don't blame her. Evan was home today too. It was a long day filled with many requests by my children and I got absolutely nothing done. She did go outside some this afternoon and evening which is great. The girl is loving hitting baseballs for some reason and Jerad says she can knock them pretty far.

Last but not least, we found out that the Community Blood Center would like to feature Ally and her story in their annual report this year. And some other literature they are doing. We were honored that they wanted to feature her and Lord knows she has used enough of their blood. Jerad is working with them on the story aspect of it and I pulled out a few of my pictures. I will share it if I get a copy! As always, we are so grateful to the blood donors...

As for now, we are not sure where this ride is taking us...wondering if she will get worse before she gets better. Not much recovery time since chemo comes again on Tuesday. And thinking she will need blood by then too.

Thanks to all who have said they are coming to her party on May 22nd! I heard rumblings of getting a busload of people here from Junction City/Columbus. I will get more details on it out here soon.

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