Sunday, April 11, 2010


We have had a bit of a rough ride for the last few days. Not because of Ally, she has really been just fine. Despite Ally being okay, I suppose other stuff must happen in our lives. Our little Carly has been battling a fever this weekend and we are trying out hardest to keep the sisters apart to help Ally. Anyone who knows my girls...knows they like to be right by each other. And with a heavy heart I write that our beagle Shiloh passed away on Thursday night. He had been sick for a while now with an enlarged heart. Last Spring, he went on meds for it and they told us then that he would probably only live a year, maybe less. He lived the whole year, and he lived it pretty happily, but towards the end he was coughing a lot and started retaining more fluid. He was looking huge with extra fluid. I had made an appointment to take him to the vet on Friday, thinking they would probably put him to sleep. But Thursday night....he just wasn't doing well. I carried him in from outside and set him down. He never moved again and I sat with him for about a half hour as his breaths got shorter and his heart was beating less and less. Jerad wasn't home, and I tried to keep the kids away and keep my wits about me. My friend Suzanne (who helps me with everything else in my life) came down and helped me out. She is a true friend having to witness all that and help me get Shiloh out of the house too. The list is a mile long as to why she is a good friend, and I can add this to it.

We rescued Shiloh from the streets of Junction City during Thanksgiving 1997. I tried to find him a home, because I already had a dog (Reilly), but that option didn't work out so much and he became Reilly's brother. I have always had beagles, since I was a little girl, and have a soft spot for them. It was his time to go, and now he is running happily through doggie heaven with my other beagle Bitsy.

The kids were so so sad. I have never seen Ally so upset about something. Our girl, who has remained relatively emotionless through all the trials of the past year, went to bed sobbing. Evan too. And this part of it is what breaks my heart so much. My kids have had to endure so many losses in the past year. It is not fair. I never lost anybody in my life until I was an adult.

Shiloh was buried at Fox Hill right on the edge of the woods. The kids are making a cement stepping stone to mark his grave.

Rest in Peace little Shiloh.


  1. Aww, that's good that the kids are making a stone for him. That will be nice. RIP Shiloh.

  2. we did the same for sorry for your loss.

  3. Shiloh was a sweet boy. I'm glad Suzy and Melissa were able to come over and help out. I am confident that Shiloh is running around with all of our sweet furry friends we have lost, including Princey.

  4. So sad to read this Janel. Bless you for taking such loving care of him. I'm thinking of all of you.

  5. Terri Barnett ShumakerApril 12, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    I know this is hard on the entire family but remember that Shiloh will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for you all. Thank you for rescuing him and allowing him to love and be loved by the Barnett Family.
    Love to you all..

  6. Havent shed tears while reading the blog in a while....well, as soon as I saw Shiloh's picture they came!! I hadn't even started reading yet! So sorry for your loss. Daisy will miss trying to get him to chase her along the fence. :)

  7. We have lost so many beloved pets over the years, I can truly feel for you. It is never easy and no pet can ever be replaced in your heart. So, i just ask those who have passed to move over a little so I can fit in another one to love as well.