Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Days in Pictures...

Today I have an update in pictures. I have been taking a bunch of pictures lately, so I will share. A lot of them are of my girl Carly...not trying to play favorites, but she is the cute little one at the Easter event. (and then my camera ran out of batteries) Our week is going much better than planned. Ally is really feeling pretty good....I can tell she is a little down, but not much. I am starting to wonder if she needs blood. She needs it so much that it is always in the back of my mind. But so far, the "warning" has not come true. This sort of holds true to our history of things cropping up on us when we least expect it. (and sometimes not when we DO expect it) Thanks for thinking of us, and here is what the Barnetts have been doing.

Carly girl got her first (very first) haircut. I can't believe she is a few months shy of three years old when she got it, but its true. I didn't want anyone to take my baby's ringlet curls away. Phew, they are still here even after the haircut.
She kept calling it her "Princess Haircut" and it took place in Mrs Booher's kitchen by Mrs. Booher's hairstylist. Carly ran home and quickly put on a princess dress when she was done. Check out the fancy hair style.
We went to an Easter party in our neighborhood. Here is the princess again with her Daddy.
Carly was not fond of the bunny and is MIA.
However, she was quite shocked and happy to find candy in the eggs.
The big girls always take care of little Car-Car.
Her brother was pretty sweet watching her find eggs too.
And she loves cupcake frosting...I luva her face
Last Friday it was hat day at school. If students pay 50 cents, they can wear a hat with money going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A lot of kids wear Ally's Army t-shirts too. Have I mentioned that I love Ally's school????
Last but not least, one of the coolest ideas....EVER. My college roommates from Miami wanted to treat Ally to something fun. They were so inventive. They hired a caricaturist to come to our house and draw pictures of her and her friends. The kids absolutely loved it. I thought they would like it, but they stood by the artist almost the whole hour watching him. They LOVED it. And they each went home with a customized drawing of themselves doing one of their hobbies, etc. Just very cool! Thank you Alli, Kelly, Jenny, Lisa, and Kate. I love you guys for thinking of us!
Seeeee.. They were so fascinated and giggly about it. FUN STUFF.
This is Ally's. If you knew my Mom, you will see that this is almost an exact replica of my mother. Wow. Of course she chose to be painting nails.
Princess Carly Anne...

and Evan...playing the Wii.
We did get a picture of Jerad and I too. Some people that were here can attest to my thought that he looks sort of like a prisoner in our drawing. Too scary for the blog.

It is supposed to be over 70 degrees for the next five days so I am hoping we can enjoy the nature of spring. Trying to plan a bike ride/picnic and a nature walk if our girl is up for it. We shall see.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. Carly is a doll! Ally told us about Carly's first haircut when I took her to PSR last week. She was excited about it! So happy the warning isn't coming true and Ally is feeling pretty well.

  2. Terri Barnett ShumakerMarch 31, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Love the pics Janel. Glad everyone is doing well.
    Happy Easter too you all.

  3. Happy Spring! hope the days continue to be good and you all do get to go on that nature walk, that's what we're heading out to do today too. Love you!

  4. Your post does my heart good. Thanks. Enjoy the weather!

  5. Great gift for all of you, glad to hear you are hanging in there. You are winning the race, keep going--enjoy the sunshine, it helps to cure all that is ailing you. Take care

  6. Janel, so excited things are going well for all of you.I love seeing the pics of your family. You all look soooo happy and glad to be in your own home.I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Tell Ally hello for us. Love, The O'dells

  7. Yes, thanks to all the college roomies who ordered up the caricaturist. Our boys had fun too! Glad Ally is having a better week than expected. See you guys tomorrow!