Monday, March 1, 2010

Dose 3, done.

Ally did make her counts today. ANC was 1350, so still going strong. But not for long. They increased her dose of methotrexate yet again with a warning that mouth sores could be around the corner. It was also determined that she is getting too thin again, she was down 3 more pounds in a week. So todays doc, Dr French, (Dr Broccoli is skiing in Colorado!) decided we should start the appetite stimulant again. His thoughts were that she needs some food in her body in order to keep up with the chemo, etc. I agreed.

I talked to my nurse friend Robbie today about all the bad stuff going on. She informed me that it is especially bad right now...a real downturn for our area. It is hard on all of us, but is really hard on the medical team trying to keep plugging through every day. Sometimes I don't know how they keep their chins up and their smiles on. But they do. And they are saints. She also said that usually after a downturn there is a period where really good things upturn. I am anxiously waiting for that.

Ally was doing okay with her chemo. That is until about 6:30 pm when lots of vomiting started. She did keep her bedtime snack of crackers down (so far.) I am anticipating a not-so-restful night with the joint pain and/or nausea. We are due back in the clinic at 930 am for the leg shots. I really can't wait until leg shots are a thing of my past. I have finally learned that it is best if I take my own wheelchair in....and I can get her out to the parking garage with ease.

Maggie is holding her own. Not out of the woods yet, but not worsening either. Thanks for asking about her.


  1. I am sure the upswing is right around the corner. When are we in the maintenance phase, again? Think about how far you have come . . . You STILL amaze me.


  2. Thinking of you guys Janel and your entire hospital family.

  3. Janel...
    the other day as i was in the car driving...i thought of you and all that you have gone through in the last year...and then about some of your new challenges with Evan...and i thought about this radio sign off in Detroit years ago...he used to say at the end of the program..."and if you feel yourself coming to the end of your rope...just tie a know and hang on"...I hope you know we are all with you as you tie that knot with hope...and cling to it...because good, just like the spring is right around the corner...if you can just hold on. Love you friend...thinkin of you frequently!!!! Jill

  4. I am so afraid to ask, but how is Baby Lincoln? I know that 3 kiddos from your cancer family were in ICU fighting for their lives. I also know that one took a turn for the worse last night. Thankfully, I see that Maggie is stable, so my worry also goes to Baby Lincoln and his family. I wish that no family had to deal with all of the pain that you and your entire hospital family are experiencing. I sure hope that upward swing starts today for everyone!