Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good news, bad news

First: The good news. Evan's heart is absolutely fine. Woo hoo. We are so happy. Sweet Dr Ross came in to see him (we love love love his wife Nurse Sharon in the hem/onc clinic). It took a lot of listening to even hear anything. They gave him an EKG. The determination was that it is an "innocent" heart may have been amplified a few weeks ago when he was sick. They don't even want to see him back for two years. The Dr. was soo soo kind to Evan. Everyone at Children's really seems to love children (as they should), but we very impressed with how much time he took with our son. Evan was sooooo nervous too, I could tell. But he did great and we went and got a Shamrock Shake from McD's to celebrate. Thank you God for protecting our other children as we wage this battle with Ally.

Now: The bad news. Ally is still suffering a lot. It is breaking me up to see her. She will not eat. I try to encourage her, but then she eats some small thing and just throws it back up. Tonight we tried two pepto bismol...threw those up too. She has not eaten in so long that it seems her body is rejecting everything. She doesn't want to eat, but we try to insist. She has held some plain white rice down this evening. She is also having diarrhea a lot. Jerad and I are scared she is getting dehydrated, but she did drink a fair amount today. I can definitely tell that they raised her methotrexate level. I hope she recovers soon, but we are considering taking her into the clinic tomorrow. We will see how the night goes. It just pains me to have her breaking into tears lots of times during the day because her stomach is in so much pain. She has lost 13 pounds in about 4-5 weeks. A LOT.

Thank you to my Grandma Ruth who sat right by her side today for over three hours while I took Evan to his appointment. What a lifesaver she is.

The kicker to the story is that Ally has been doing so good. Jerad and I finally decided that we would go away for the night (to Indy) and see WSU play their tournament game. Jerad's parents are coming to stay with the kids. We have never both left her, but we were gonna try it. We still may try it, I don't know. Jerad's parents are relentless that they are coming and want us to have a break. Not sure what we will do with a whole nights sleep. I can see the tiredness on Jerad when he actually fell asleep today during Evan's appointment right when the doctor was listening to Evan's heartbeat. I was on the edge of my seat frantic with worry and Jerad was asleep. If you saw how much he is up at night, you would know why.

Thank you for saying extra prayers for us and for Maggie and Lincoln (who was in the Dayton Daily News today!). We are so grateful to all of our followers and we still love to read your comments/suggestions.


  1. one prayer of thanks for Evans health coming your way......and prayers for a peaceful night for your family

  2. Great news about Evan, sorry to hear about Ally. Madden said she ate the pumpkin bread yesterday, but it sounds like that didn't stay down. Let us know if she wants to try any again soon. We'll be happy to bring some over.:)


  3. What a week for you. Lots of appointments, lots of worries. We are so thankful that Evan is fine, but sad that Ally's stomach is bothering her. I can only say that I can feel spring coming (there's sunshine!) and the closer we get to summer, the more hope it brings in all of this.

    Prayers daily for Maggie and Lincoln (and always Ally)...and for peace and comfort to Davey's parents.

  4. So thrilled to hear about Evan's good report. A sign of relief. But sorry to hear about Ally's belly problems. Here's hoping that she turns a corner soon. And, remember, spring is just around that corner. May the sun shine on your faces. LOVE YOU.

  5. Glad to see that you got some good news this week. I'm keeping all of the children that you share information about in my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear that Ally's friend, Davey, passed away. She has had to handle too much sadness and pain for a 7 year old girl, and I'm so sorry for that. Janel and Jerad, you are the 2 most amazing parents that I know. You keep plugging away day after day with way too much on your plates, and you not only do what is necessary to help your child get well, you go above and beyond to stay involved and entertain and educate all of your children, and above all, you show them what it means to stick together, to love each other, and really what it means to be a family. I admire you so much! Your 3 little ones are as lucky to have you as you are to have them.