Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Update

Ally's enzymes came down a bit again. Somewhere in the 400's. This was enough that they are permitting her to eat low fat foods. So far this has included a baked potato, carrots, apple, and cottage cheese. And a chocolate milk. Really just a few bites of each. She has been having some headaches and also tried to spike a fever. 100.5 and 101 is technically a fever. I don't want to bring her in here for one thing and then have her get something else. Staying away from the hospital as much as possible equals her staying healthier. She is still pretty malnutritioned, so we are talking about doing TPN for another week. However her glucose is still slightly high so they are checking on that tomorrow again.

Getting to the hospital every morning and getting home every night at 9pm, just in time to put the other kids to bed. A lot of times I would rather just stay at the hospital, it is easier than dealing with the rest. But Jerad likes to see her too. Nothing gets done when things like this come up. Our lives just go on hold. Whatever it takes for our Ally girl though. She has endured so much now that I can hardly believe it.

Praying to come home on Friday or Saturday.

Here are a few pictures from our lovely St Paddy's Day week in Room 419.
Ally, Kate, and Aly...silly

Ally with the giant bunny that Grandma and Grandpa brought (won in a silent auction during which noone would bid against them because everyone knew it was for Ally)
Slippers Ally made courtesy of one crafty Momma...aka Lisa Sidwell
Lisa and Morgan
Ally and Ms. Vicki (the giver of the glasses for all of these pictures)

Ally loves this night nurse Rachelle. She had her a few nights this week. Including the first night when Rachelle and I helped her to try to get a splinter out. Uh, I mean, Ally screamed for over a half an hour while we tried to get the splinter out. Poor Rachelle and poor rest of the floor who all heard Ally screaming. This was when she was really tired and really cranky.
Thanks to all of our lovely nurses who we love. Nicole, Monica, and both Beths are just awesome caretakers. We also love Ms. Kim who runs all errands for us including getting us honey for the facials for the spa Ally set up in her room. (or nail polish remover, advil for mom, etc)
Thank you all for taking care of us so well. We love you.


  1. :) So glad she was able to start eating today and is doing a lil' better! Continuing to pray for you,Ally! We love you. Thanks again for letting me eat one of your jelly beans & thank you for painting my nails! They really look great!!!
    love ya,

  2. well, if you have to be there, I can't imagine a better place! It's so good to hear how positive the staff is, and how caring. Here's to more food today and prayers that you can pack your bags and nail polishes and go home!

  3. My favorite hospital pics so far!!! I love Rachel I truely think she is a gift from GOD!!! She is so wonderful with all the H/O kids!!!

  4. Love the glasses, thanks for sharing the pictures, I hope she gets to come home soon, that is the best place for all of you. I remember John's nurses, they were also the best, they became part of our family and now these nurses are also part of the Army. Take care, you did a great job, one more day behind you, better days ahead!

  5. Coolest glasses in the world on the coolest chicks in the world!! What a great bunny rabbit! I really need to get up there if Ally is giving facials now. I need my wrinkles worked more than my toes! Love and prayers for everyone.