Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday update

Ally has now eaten some small bits. Tomato soup...a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich....some crackers...a few bites of sherbet. All has stayed down. She is a bit perkier and complaining a little less. We opted to not take her back to the hospital. As parents, it is so hard to know when to draw the line and take her in. We put up with a lot more than we used to, that is for sure. I guess we have lived and learned. We usually just deal with it and have become pretty knowledgeable in the healthcare department. This chemo was hard. Four solid days of belly pain and blah! Maybe a couple more. Next Thursday they increase her dose yet again. That might just knock her out.

I am glad, however, that we have seen some improvement. The worry factor was getting a little too high for me, but now it is looking a little brighter.

Have a nice weekend. Good luck to the Raiders in their tournament game tomorrow! Barring any unforeseen circumstance, Jerad and I will be there to root them on.


  1. Here is to feeling better . . .

    Enjoy your break.


  2. I saw on fb that you went to Indiana. I'm so glad. Also glad that ally is eating a bit. She's so strong, just like her fam. And great news for Evan too. I'll continue to think about all of the little people in hemoc and ICU, and of couse their families. Stay strong.

  3. So glad things are looking up for Ally!

  4. good to catch up and to end on a high note. I hope that Ally has continued to do well and that you and Jerad enjoyed your much deserved break!