Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ally is doing just fine now. See....we really needed these couple of days. She has enjoyed going back to school and even went swimming with her cousins and played outside a little bit. She is sleeping at night, for the most part, too. Hallelujah. Dr B put her on two new medicines (one for her joint pain and the other for stomach) I am not sure if they are working or if it is just that the chemo is out of her body. It is nice to see her smiling face and watch her being goofy. It is even better to see her wanting to eat! Trying to build up some strength (all of us!) so that she can withstand the chemo on Friday. It will be the highest dose of methotrexate given to her yet and then we are done with it for a while.

Ally's friend Amanda (who also has ALL) just hit her maintenance phase. Ally's friend Jackie (kidney cancer) has her last chemo on Friday. In a little over two months, our Ally will also hit maintenance. We will have more days like today. Keeping our eyes on the prize....please pray for all them.


  1. What great news! Maint is right around the corner. Here's to a quick day on Friday and lots of strength for the coming treatment.

  2. What a difference a day makes. It does not seem possible but sometimes that is all one needs, and God knew as He always does. He pushes as far as he can and then catches us in our darkest moment. Way to hang in there Janel, better and brighter days are ahead. Many prayers coming your way.