Monday, February 1, 2010

What Time is It?

Not sure where the day went, but I did want to post some pictures from the WSU game on Saturday. Ally was quite the rockstar thanks to the presence of orange on the floor. Everyone was wondering what "Ally's Army" was, who was Ally, why were the players wearing it? Too bad the local media didn't pick up on it because I have to say it was a pretty amazing thing that the team did for Ally. I was expecting to see them run out onto the floor in their Ally's Army shirts and then that would be it, but they wore them the entire game. And most of you know how bright orange the shirts are, so YOU COULDN'T MISS THEM! They even somehow got long sleeve shirts because that's what their typical warm-up shirt is.

Coming out of the locker room.

As they run out onto the floor for warmupsLayup line is a sea of orangeWSU player introductionsOn the bench still showing their support for Ally's Army
Our gang with "the Wolf" in our impromptu Ally's Army section (thanks BG!). Note that Carly is nowhere to be found as she is DEATHLY afraid of the Wolf. He was nice enough to come up for a picture moments after I had assured Carly that there was no way possible the Wolf could get to our section. I'm not sure she has forgiven me yet.
Ally had the entire team sign her shirt after the game. Here she is with one of her (or is it her Mom's?) favorite players, Vaughn Duggins.
Couldn't quite get the color right on this one, but here's our rockstar with her boys
Our good friend Brad who we can't thank enough for a great day for Ally. For every missed Christmas or party or other everyday event that the poor girl seems to miss out on, there are days like Saturday where people go out of their way to make her feel more than special. I'm so thankful she felt good enough to experience and enjoy the day.
Three of my favorite members of the Army. I have to give Evan and Carly both credit that they never seem jealous of all of the attention their sister gets.
There is also another picture I'll have to have Janel add at another date of Ally out on the floor with a lady who does various basketball tricks including spinning multiple basketballs. She had Ally hold a pen in each hand and spun a ball on each pen while Ally held them up. Very cool and very heavy according to Ally!

Our day actually started with an earlier game, Evan's first official basketball game this season. He played hounding defense but alas neither scored nor got a rebound. Don't worry, we came home and practiced outside in the 20 degree weather so I'm sure he'll get a double double next game. Ally was extremely excited to run the scoreboard and, as you can see in the picture below, always has Tim Horton's on hand just like her mother.

Evan's in the foreground in blue clearly doing all he can for the rebound.
Ally (with a little help from Joshua) running the scoreboard
We had a great weekend even without Mom but we are definitely ready to have her back!


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  2. proud of you. I'm so glad that the weekend turned out well and that Ally continues to feel good. I was proud to wear my Ally's Army t-shirt at the WSU game, and got choked up seeing all of the players with their shirts on too. Beavercreek is a very supportive community. I'm glad I live here.

    After your weekend, you are entitld to some relaxation too! Ally has some amazing parents.

    p.s. I had to remove the comment above due to a typo. You know I can't stand that!!

  3. Jerad, great job, it looks like all 3 of the kids had a great weekend. You both are amazing, but I already knew that. How awesome for all those guys to wear the shirts but to keep them on the entire game. I wished I lived closer so I could have seen it in person, but the pictures are terrific. Take care and may you have a good week.

  4. What an awesome weekend! That coach really seems like a great guy. Thanks for sharing the pics, you are an wonderful Dad for getting the troops to all of their events and having fun in the process.

  5. What a great show of support by the Wright State Men's Basketball Team. Congratulations Coach Brownell, for demonstrating and exemplifying how small things can make such a hugh, lasting impact on others. I can only imagine how excited Ally and the family were to see such a show of support. GO WSU. Jerad, sounds like you did a great job. Janel, hope you were able to re-charge. Thanks for keeping us all updated. :)

  6. Jared- thanks for the post...and Janel-so glad that you enjoyed your trip. All of the WSU and Allys Army fanfair makes me want to move back to the Creek. So thankful for a good weekend! Here's to another strong week and Evan's double double. :-)

  7. Love to see the pics of her and the team and Coach B! All so awesome for doing that! Great great day!

  8. Jerad, I am so proud to have you in my family. You are awesome even if you always give me a hard time. Wish I could have been there to see it all but thanks for sharing the pictures.

  9. What an awesome show of support! They must be awesome guys as well! Glad all went well and that Ally was feeling good for the weekend. All of you are so special. Love,Miss Lisa

  10. Sitting here with tears!!! Amazing pictures of MY FAVORITE team wearing their Ally's Army t-shirts. Janel - good for you!!! to take this trip. Jerod - YOU are a rock star!! I would have given ANYthing to have been there wearing orange as well - but followed the game on the computer as I always do and saw everything - and the pictures were amazing and brought big joyful tears......
    SOOO Proud to be a far-away-but-still-big part of Raider Nation.:))) ~ Jenny G.

  11. What a great day! Those WSU players were so nice, I almost feel bad that they will be going down on Saturday when they come to Indianapolis to play the Butler Bulldogs. :)

    So glad Ally felt well enough to attend the special game.