Friday, February 19, 2010

Note for WSU game

Note: To any of the Army that are attending the WSU Women's Game Saturday at 3pm...they will have tickets reserved for you at the ticket office. Just tell them you are with Ally's Army and I believe you just get in. They also said that anyone is welcome to speak at halftime and offer Ally any encouraging words. I am not sure what that would be exactly, but the offer is out there. Also: Wear your Ally's Army t-shirts!

We had a decent day at the hospital. Ally's bloodwork came back okay such that she was able to get both doses of chemo today. She has to have an ANC above 750 and her liver enzymes have to be in check too...or else they hold it. I was happy that the liver was fine and her ANC was 2400! Wow! This must explain why she has been feeling so good. So, of course, they upped the dose this time and such that the ANC should go lower. We did have to get yet another blood transfusion today as her Hemoglobin was pretty low. I didn't want to have to go back to the hospital next week, so we just took care of it today. Thank you blood donors. I need to add it up, but I bet Ally has used 12-15 bags of blood in the last almost nine months. Barring any unforeseen illness, Ally is off until March 1. 10 days. Hoping the leg/jaw/joint pain stays away this time! Otherwise, Dr B said we could page him over the caring, that man. I must mention again that we just love Dr Broxson...and I also love to tell him when Ally is doing good. I think it truly makes him happy.

A funny story about Carly that I must share. She had some pancake syrup somehow matted into her hair and stuck to her neck. I started to brush her hair this morning and caused her all kinds of pain. She busted out crying and then started saying "my port! my port! my port is hurting" She is just two years old and thinks everybody has a port. How unique.

Thanks for all your prayers. Our friend Cory, who was in the horrible car accident 5 weeks ago today, came home today. He is a walking miracle and a testament to the power of prayer in numbers. Thanks to all who said an extra prayer for him. Tonight Ally got to give him a little hug at his fundraiser dinner.

Have a nice weekend. Hoping to have some fun pictures from the game to post soon.

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  1. Great news on the ANC, she is rebounding very well and that is excellent, the Army is working. Looking forward to pictures of the game. How funny is that of Carly, they are so observant and hear and comprehend more than we think. Take care, have a good weekend and the prayers are always there for all of you.