Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1, done...day 2 coming up.

After a very long day at the hospital, Ally got home about 6pm. Everything went pretty well....she was a bit tearful during the spinal and yelling that it hurt. But then about two minutes later she asked if they had given her the shot in her back yet. She just doesn't remember. That is some good medicine that makes her forget the whole thing. Wish I could take some sometimes. She pretty much took a nap right after the procedure, which really helped her to stay down and avoid the spinal headache. Dr French actually inverted her (feet higher than her head) to let the chemo go straight to her brain and also to prevent the spinal headaches. I was only there for about half the day and then set off in the snowstorm to collect my other two children. We got six inches of snow while Ally was doing all her stuff. Thanks to my sister for coming thru in a pinch for us and watching Evan.

While we were there, and before her spinal, Ally passed out some Valentines to some of her friends. We went over to the inpatient unit and caught up with a few friends. While we were there, we found out about a little boy Ethan who had ALL four years ago and it has relapsed. I actually think I met him recently at an event. There was also another little girl there...same thing-- ALL relapsed. This bothers me so much I can't even incorporate the words to describe it. It is our biggest fear...if it relapses you have to do all kinds of stuff including a bone marrow transplant and chances of survival go down. So I have had a pit in my stomach all day about all of this. And another one of her friends, Davey, is having a bone marrow to see what is going on with him...which has me worried. What happened to all the good statistics on ALL that we heard about?...it doesn't seem like it is holding true for our hospital family. I guess we just have to keep praying and praying and try not worry. It is ultimately in God's hands and her path is already chosen.

She goes back in tomorrow at 10am for the double shots in the legs. I do not know why they can't do it all in the same day....but there is some research/reason behind it so I do not ask. Whatever they say, we do.

A funny story...Jerad took Ally to a communion meeting at church a couple weeks ago (she gets her first communion in May). Everyone had to go around the room and say someone/something they are thankful for. Most of the kids said the pat answers: Mom, Dad, Grandma, God, etc. But our girl was different. She said she was thankful for her doctors. And yes, that is what I am thankful for too. Our doctors are amazingly smart men who are also very caring and empathetic and also have a love for kids....always joking around with the kids about this or that. I seriously feel like I owe my life to these men...how can you ever express your gratitude to someone like them?


  1. You express your gratitude through your positive attitude and your support of our Ally in all that you and your family do, and what we do as Ally's army. The statistics are good and Ally will add to the positive I am sure of that. As you said it is in God's hands and he is very good. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this snowy time.

  2. So glad today is behind you. Will be praying for you all tomorrow...

  3. What a sweet thing to be thankful for. Ally is in our everyday thoughts and prayers.

  4. One more tough day- finished. Don't forget that you really can't play the "what if" game. It just doesn't work. So I'm praying today that day two goes well af that Ally's hospital friends beat the crappy cancer again. PS I'm pretty sure that the doctors appreciate you too.

  5. Oh, I just hate hearing about all these relapses!!!! What is going on? So, so scary and worrisome. I look forward to being finished, but yet, not so much at the same time. I feel like they are protected now and then they are just set free! Will we ever not worry about our kids? Seems as though, we won't ever be able to relax. Yes, statistics are great but there is always that 10-15% chance but really, what are the chances of EVEN getting this???? URGH! My 8 year old is making her first communion in May as well, just bought her dress :) Take care.

  6. Thanks for your prayers for Julia. Tell Ally that we are grateful for our doctors and nurses, too. I am so humbled by their love and commitment to saving our children. Ally is in our prayers. I have added this blog to my favorites so I can keep up better.

    Emily Mangual

  7. I agree completely. Andy and I have talked about it that Dr. French is our hero. We enjoyed visiting briefly with you, Jerad, & Ally. Glad to hear everything went well. We continue to keep Ally in our prayers. She and our Maggie, along with all the other kids will not ever hear that horrible "R" word.