Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowed In

Hello from snowville! We have almost two feet of snow on the ground here. We are a little ready to be done with the white stuff, although snow days to me really aren't that different than any other day with Ally home. (which is a lot of days) Ally has not been to school since last Monday-8 days...but only one of them was missed because she was ill. The rest were snow/holidays. At least she hasn't been missing anything! I do think Evan is ready to have a little more routine to his day. But with the two hour delay tomorrow...this means he is only in school for about an hour and a half. Oh, yea, and they can still cancel.

Speaking of Evan, we are having some medical issues with him now. He has a crazy stomach pain that comes and goes every few months that seems to stump everyone. He has had it for about a year. Maybe twisted bowel or something like that. We would have to do an Upper GI test to figure it out precisely...and then the only fix is surgery. They are not quite ready to go that route yet, and neither am I. But today the poor guy has to have three xrays and a pretty big blood draw out of his arm. We hold our collective breath on the blood draw, because we remember all too well the devastation that it can bring. All was fine with those things, but the Dr did hear some sort of abnormality with his heartbeat. AGGGHHHHH. Something like a murmur, but not an "innocent one" (her words) that we can ignore like Ally has. So now, we are scheduled to see a cardiologist for him. At children's medical center. Oh and he is married to one of our most favorite nurses (and people!)...Miss Sharon in the hematology clinic. Small world.

So I am trying to not get worried...I am sure it will be a minor thing....but just one more thing on top of everything else can really weigh us down. We spend enough, ENOUGH, time down there. I feel like I should get some sort of free pass with my other kids... that they should be perfectly healthy, because one parent can only handle so much. But I know the world does not work like that.

Just a quick reminder: I think we have quite a few people planning on going to that WSU Women's Basketball game on Saturday. They are honoring Ally at the game for her fight against cancer. If you can, wear your Ally's Army t-shirt if you have one. You don't need to buy tickets in advance, you can just get them at the door. I believe the game is at 3pm but will confirm that for you! We would love to see any of our Army there. I hope she is feeling okay after another dose of chemo is given to her on Friday. I pray that this one does not knock her down as much as last week!

Thanks for praying for our girl and all the other little ones that are fighting this disease!!


  1. Continuing to keep you all in our prayers. Will add some extras for Evan this week!

  2. we will keep you and Evan in our prayers.

  3. oh goodness, I hope your son will be okay....I don't think that would be at all fair with what you are already having to deal with for your daughter. My thoughts are with you & prayers too.....tara pakosta

  4. Your entire family is in my prayers. Hope the snow ends soon. Hang in there!!!!!

  5. Everyone is my prayers, with a few extras for Evan and his blood draw. More prayers for strength for you and Jerad. I would love to be at the basketball game, however, we are living in a snow globe. It has not stopped snowing in so long I can't remember a day without it. I'm sure you will have a great turnout filled with orange shirts. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Your strength is awesome and God is good.

  6. Janel and Jerad,

    In case you ever need a second opinion from a Gastroenterology specialist, I highly recommend Adam Mezoff, M.D., formerly the head of the GI clinic at Children's Dayton. He's now with Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, and is FABULOUS with kids and adults alike. Plus he has a great bedside manner and really knows his stuff.

    I will pray that Evan's issues are minor, and that Alli has a good post-chemo week.
    Take care,
    Janice Rice (from the school levy committee)