Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ally's Curls

Many days I get asked the same question: "Was Ally's hair always curly like that?" Sometimes, it takes me back, because if you knew Ally before leukemia, you knew she looked like this.....

But the fact of the matter is, many of you, arguably the majority of you, didn't know Ally before her diagnosis. With the diagnosis, we formed Ally's Army, and now there are so many new people in our lives. Sometimes, people who even did know her ask me. And I can't blame them either because she really hasn't had hair since her first grade year. This is what it looked like about a month before diagnosis...she was hunting Easter Eggs at my Dad's house. You will see it is pretty darn well straight. It had a slight wave to it that required me to blow dry it. Wow. I just realized I haven't had to blow dry her hair in almost two years. I guess just a small bonus for me, because I hated doing that.
Here is a picture that I took of her curls last night out on our deck. The sun was shining right on her, so not sure that color is even accurate, because most people tell me that she has also lost her red hair and it is now more sandy brown. Oh...and I made her wash it right before this. You should see her when she wakes up in the morning. All I can compare it to is Albert Einstein. It is C-R-A-Z-Y. I don't even really know how to handle it much and if you know Ally she doesn't really care what it looks like.

But no matter what, we will take it. Because for so long, it was like this. And she is just so much healthier looking now. Even with her chipmunk steroid cheeks.

Just another example of how far we have come.
Please be in prayer for our girl Ally. She has another spinal tap next Friday...March 11. With every spinal tap she gets she is one more closer to being done with her treatment. But with every spinal we also allow the fear to creep back in and haunt us. We never want to go back.
Dear Cancer....we have had enough of you already. Please stay clear of our family and all who surround us. Thank you.
Thanks for your prayer.


  1. Ally has always had the best hair.
    The RED, the pretty!
    Now, she has curls which make it even better!
    I love that picture from last night becasue I always loved the red. This makes me think the red is coming back :).
    Brown, red, straight or curly, she looks pretty no matter what.

  2. Keeping her in my prayers. I have to say, she looks beautiful with the curls!

  3. LOVE the photos ~ Thanks for sharing.
    Lunch ~ sometime ? :)

  4. No matter the cut, the color or curl, Ally's a beautiful angel girl. <3, Lisa

  5. Beautiful -- before and after.

    My favorite new line of 2011 - - (when I heard it first)
    I wish cancer would get cancer!
    Ally is gorgeous - and LOVE the curls......
    Sending prayers, strength and support,
    Jenny G

  7. I love, love, love Ally's hair. All of your little ones are precious. Can I offer some advice from another super curly, thick redhead? Try not to use too much shampoo. I honestly have only washed my hair with shampoo four or five times in the past year. I usually just use conditioner, rub it in like it's shampoo, rinse it out, and repeat with more conditioner. And I try not to rinse it all out the second time. I didn't learn that trick until I was in college, but it works wonders for me...:-) March 11- sending prayers.

  8. Although you may not know what to do with Ally's hair, just give it time. Once it grows out to about shoulder length or slightly ,longer, it will be stunning!!!! My niece's hair looked very similar and my sister couldn't seem to figure out how to tame those curls. But now that it has some length and weight, it is absolutely gorgeous. Ally looks beautiful just the way she is, but when that hair gets a little longer, look out...model hair!

  9. We can work on the curly hair together. Figure it all out. I feel as if I am just now learning how to work with Mara's curly girl hair. I went to Books and Company to listen to an expert on curly hair. Lots of great info. Also bought her book which I will have to share with you. I absolutely love curly haired little girls. Jenny

  10. The curly hair is awesome, but as you know I have a curly redhead in my life and I love it, and I love her. She looks wonderful in that picture on the deck and the smile in her eyes is there also. Take care and hang in there, spring is just around the corner. Lots of prayers for Friday, I used to hate those days.