Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spinal is clear!

Ally did great! The spinal fluid was clear! Praise to God and thank you so much for your continued prayers for my sweet Ally.

Dr French actually did her spinal today. He was very slow and meticulous and gave her a little extra medicine this time as she is getting bigger. I think it ended up being the best spinal that she has ever had. We didn't have any vomiting or increased heart rate issues upon completion and she only cried a very little when he put the needle in. We were so grateful.

One crazy thing is that the hospital was so sick that they wouldn't even let her up to the normal area where she gets her spinals. I guess it was filled with RSV and flu patients. The whole hospital was full of it, so they decided to keep her down in surgery on the 2nd floor. They did her spinal and everything in a pre-op waiting room for patients. It was a little strange, but we made due and I was especially thankful that they chose to protect her from those germs. We still had our regular nurses...we had Alyssa...and she is an ALL survivor who was treated at Children's. She is now a RN. I love that. The compassion just shines right through her.

We decided to take a little video of Ally about 10 minutes after her procedure. I thought she would think it is funny to see herself all drugged up. I decided to share with you not super exciting, but this is what she is like after her spinals.

Click here for video:

Again, we could not be more thrilled with the results of her test. Her bloodwork also looked great with no change in her daily chemotherapy medications. We are currently pushing through another steroid week. The power of prayer is awesome.


  1. Amen!!! I have been checking for a results happy for you all!

  2. Been waiting for results, didn't want to call. Prayers are answered.

  3. YEAH!!! What a trooper your little girl is. She really is the definition of COURAGE :)

    Julie Mescher

  4. Really glad to hear this news--so many care about your family and want the best for all of you. Thanks for sharing your journey and continued best wishes for you and your loved ones.

  5. great news, how funny was that "why are you videotaping". Love all of you and so thankful for the good news. Take care