Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Update

So....temp went down at bedtime last night. Down to 98.5. This allowed us to rest a little easier knowing that we weren't heading to the ER in the middle of darkness. This morning she was 99.5. Little worse. She seemed just fine most of the day, which is a bit odd. The other kids were worn out from the fever, but their fever was higher too. I think her body is quite used to "fevering" and she also has that IVIG immunity booster running through her. (infused every month to protect her from things like this). The fever hovered in the 99's most of the day. Her treatment team would probably laugh at me if I called that a fever.

I felt kinda bad because she was well enough to do things around the house, but I kept her home from school. I just never know with her, so better to error on the side of caution. I am still not sure what tomorrow holds. If she stays home tomorrow, that will be a week off. I am done trying to guess what the illness is going to do to my family.

She is going on a ten day headache right now. Darn steroids do it everytime. And she is up mutliple times every night. The steroids make her unable to sleep. And hungry. Don't ever take a kid on steroids grocery shopping with you. Just don't do it.

So in her efforts to find something to do today...she decided to make a cake from scratch. I don't remember a time when I have even done this. I am a box cake girl at best. But she had a cookbook from her cooking camp last summer and made the whole thing herself. From scratch. Even the frosting was from scratch. It was tasty too. It made a giant mess of the kitchen, but kept her away from the TV for most of the day.

Ally and her chocolate cake and her crazy hair:
I know tons of people are sick right now. Just yucky. We need Spring soon!
PS Carly is feeling better with her ear.

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  1. Whew. Thanks for the update. Beautiful cake- and smile. I hope your family barrels down that road to recovery...hang in there! Lots of people are still sending love and thoughts.

  2. I'm just reading your blog and didn't realize your kiddos were all going through illness. I'm so gladd Ally's fever stayed down and you didn't have a trip to the ER. Her cake looks delicious! Steroids definitely cause some problems with sleep and hunger. It's funny, but Kayleigh's been wanting to try to make different foods on her own too. :) Maybe they could make something together someday! BTW ~ we love Ally's curls!