Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ballerina Girl Pictures

I just wanted to post a quick update on Ally. Her stomach is STILL bothering her. I feel so bad for her. It just hurts and that is that and there is nothing much we can do about it. We try Prevacid, Zofran, Tums, etc but nothing seems to help her. We are going into the hospital on Friday, so I will discuss it again with Dr B. It has been hurting her since her last Spinal Tap on Dec 20th! Almost two months. It has impeded her ability to practice swimming, but I guess I can't get too hung up on that. She actually went on Monday night and did the whole practice! It just depends on the day. Her last meet is this weekend, so I guess we will be done anyway. Kinda excited about getting three nights back a week (from my selfish perspective anyway)

Evan has been playing basketball for the Future Stars. He really likes it. He is a non-aggressive kid, so that doesn't seem to help much, but he really does like it so I guess that is all that counts.

And Carly, well she is my dancer! The absolute highlight of her week is when she gets to go to her Creative Movement class at Bella Rosa Dance Academy. It is only a half hour class, but she just loves it. She knows all of her ballet positions now and tends to show them off around the house. She is constantly doing cheerleading dances for us too! So cute. Now she is working towards her recital which is in June.

I wanted to share one more story of how Ally's journey has changed someone. I have had the same babysitter for years, Jackie. She started babysitting for us when she was in high school. Now she has gone through nursing school and is getting her degree in that. She has done all kinds of clinical studies in different sections of the hospital etc. Well now it is her turn to do one at Dayton Children's. I believe they don't normally let the students on the Hem/Oncology Floor, for good reason, but she pleaded a case for it and told them about Ally. Thankfully, they allowed her to do it and she is now working on the 4th floor. She is meeting all of the nurses that we know and I am positive that she is making those kids happy up there. It is a tough place to work. It is sad. It takes a special person. Many of the nurses up there are deeply religious. I don't think this is a coincidence at all. You have to have a broader view of life to work up there... But anyway, Jackie told us that Ally's plight has led her to do this. Whether it is where she ends up or not....I am just proud of her for trying. Good luck Jackie.

Friday is chemo day. Pray for good counts for Ally yet again and that the liver numbers stay down. I hope her belly pain can be mitigated too. I am thinking that the pain could just be from 20 months of chemotherapy going through her little body. It has to take a toll.


  1. thanks for the look into the world of little girls...too precious! Carly is a doll. Will pray for good results on Friday, and a cure for that belly pain!

  2. Tiny dancer! What a doll. Those are some darling pictures. And I wish and hope with all my heart that Ally's belly pains go away NOW. What a trooper to continue with swimming practice even though she's in pain. Prayers for Friday, too.

  3. Loved the pictures of Carly, she is so darn cute and I am not prejudiced in the least. Hope things went well Friday.

  4. The dance pictures are priceless. Hope that Ally's counts were good and that her stomach pain goes away. Swimming is a wonderful thing and I am so proud of Ally with her improvement in times. Way to go! Janel, you are Jared are doing an awesome job, keep it up. Spring will bring some relief in more ways than one, hang in there.