Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodbye January!

Goodbye January. I am so glad to see you go. Although I may be a bit more "spoiled" or "normal" than I was last January, this January seemed a heck of a lot like 2010 from the perspective that I have barely left the confines of my house! This month alone we have had:
Belly Aches
Ear Infection
And the infamous high Liver levels.
Couple that with three or four snow days (maybe more tomorrow) and I am going batty. I even had my own minor surgery on Friday and followed that with my own minor fever yesterday. Sheesh.
We even had one desperate night of crying and considering a trip to the ER for Evan (that's the ear), but my nurse friend Lara came to my door and his rescue at 11pm at night in the middle of part one of the ice storm. In her PJs. (Gotta love friends like that.)

Just so not fun. I begged Jerad to get rid of my payroll tax/W-2 Filing job that is done from my home at 9pm at night most nights....and get a job that allows me to leave the confines of the house and enter into civilization.

It will all get better. When Spring hits. I just have to persevere as always.

Right before our ice storm hit, I took Ally out to get her liver panels done. I am pleased to say that her numbers are on their way downward. They are still high and still out of normal range, but they are on their way down which is good. They will test her again next week when she goes in for chemo. Her belly pain seems to have subsided. That is until last night when it crept back up on us. Only time will tell.
So we are in the midst of part two of an ice storm now. The newscasters are freaking out that we may lose power at any minute. I would love to be getting all that snow that my college roomies are getting up in Chicagoland, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Play in some snow for me girlies! Here are some icy pictures from today:

Found out we could sled down the driveway....
because the driveway looked like an ice rink:

and pretty soon I could no longer see out my windows. Which may not be such a bad thing.


  1. at least the ice is beautiful! And yes, as soon as the gale force winds die down, we will play in the snow for you, it is bountiful!

  2. cute smile Ally girl!!! Just catching up on blog...sorry was clueless about poor Evan's ear infection!

    Here is to a better day tomorrow!!!

  3. I do not miss all of that ice--but the pictures were beautiful. Glad to hear your dad is feeling better and that Ally's liver enzymes are going down. One thing at a time --great job Ally with the swimming and the sledding. I still love the snow, but hate to shovel it so I guess Florida is a good place for me. Think of you guys often, take care and keep up the good work.

  4. hey- it's been a while since I've read your posts. So glad the numbers are trending down, and your Dad is feeling better. It has been a rough winter all around, hasn't it? Spring will be here soon though, and more treatments will be over...hope you survived the latest storm without losing power. thanks for posting! oh, and good luck Ally. Keep on droppin' time!!!

  5. the pictures are gorgeous! And hoping for a better February for everyone. We have been passing around viruses left and right here too. I love winter and snow, but I'm starting to get the Spring itch. Hoping it's right around the corner. :)

  6. Hi there,
    I haven't checked in for a while but so glad to see Ally is doing okay!!!! It will all be over soon :)
    Take care,