Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy-Evan fun days (and Carly too)

From my limited experience, I can say that one thing that happens when your child gets leukemia is that your other children get jealous. Not necessarily jealous of the disease, but maybe that too, but more jealous of all the time/attention/food requests/hospital time, etc that the leukemia child is now getting. Let me just tell you right now that it makes everything even that much harder. As if I wasn't already worried enough about my daughter fighting a life-threatening disease, I now also have to spend considerable time and energy to make sure that my son doesn't turn into a punk and that my baby girl learns all of the things a 2 year is supposed to know. My time gets eaten up caring for Ally, but my "quality time" as I will call it has significantly increased for the other two kids also. (Where did this time come from...I don't know...but I haven't cooked lately, so maybe that is part of it... hey, I haven't watched a TV show EVER either) When I get a free moment, I feel a stronger urge to sit down and read them a book or play baby dolls or go do something with the past I probably just spent more time on cleaning, organizing, and laundry.

In efforts to do something with them, and not in our house, I asked our babysitter Jackie to come once a week to the house and sit with Ally. They get along great together, and Ally actually asks for her to come. No guilt on that front-always good. So now I have three hours a week to show Evan and Carly the outside world...I intended on taking them to the pool every week. That's not happening due to our horrible July weather. We have done this a few weeks now. I love it and I think it means something to Evan. Carly just goes along for the ride.

Today we went bowling with friends. Evan, Caulin, and Sam are the three amigos. They are dangerous together. Really. I am worrying about high school already.
And then we went to the Greene...E's been wanting to see those fountains.
Carly actually ran the other way...check out her disgusted look.
Did you know they make marshmallow flavored sno-cones? They are awesome.Root beer is good too.
And that is how we spent our three fun hours today. I am really good at cramming a lot of stuff in a short period of time. I learned that from Jerad.

Interestingly enough, I wasn't the only one taking pictures of Evan in the rain yesterday. I opened the Dayton Daily News and saw my own son on page 3 today. Check this out.

Ally was pretty good today. She did a few things and didn't have a belly ache. We are set to be down at the hospital's Almost Home unit tomorrow at 8am. It is her last spinal for a while (maybe a month or so?) so that is a big hurdle for us. She is also getting the evil chemo...vincristin. I don't like that one. She may need blood or platelets, we never know that until we get there. She also should get freed from her port being accessed. Maybe swimming will be in her near future. Please pray that she makes it through this spinal with flying colors.

Oh, and happy birthday to my friend Nicki. I know I have mentioned her on here she practically carries me around everywhere and guides me through my life. I have learned much about who I am and who I strive to be from her. Some people say their spouse is their soulmate...well I think she is my "soul friend" She has a blog too, and my family makes frequent appearances there. If you ever want to check her out... you can get a few more glimpses of our Ally.

More after treatment day.......


  1. Those 3 together do equal danger and trouble and mischief :-), but they also equal love. They really do love each other.
    How can I comment on the last paragraph without crying? I can't, so I won't.
    Hoping for a good, short stay at the hospital on Friday.

  2. This rotten disease changes your entire life and the lives of those around you, but I know it made us as a family, John, Jodi and I, closer and we appreciated every moment that we got to spend together. The rain pictures were awesome and so were those from the bowling alley, tough to get out of the house, but that is great the Ally likes Jackie. It makes a good day for all!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you during chemo day and always.

  3. I echo Nikki - - here is to a good AND SHORT stay at the hospital - - and remember to remember (yes, that is what I meant to write, it sounds better though if you've had a couple glasses of wine) :))) but remember to remember what pillars of strength Ally's parents are and what an ARMY you lead!! Keep it up - stay strong!!~ The Head of the Wilmington Army

  4. No doubt that Nikki is your BFF. You are so lucky to have her in your life. Glad you got some quality time with Evan and Carly - love the expression on Carly's face - great capture.
    Hope all went well on Friday.