Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Car-Car!

Today was all about the birthday party for our now two year old, Carly Anne. We had a pool party for her up at Dad's new pool. My Dad actually did almost all of the pre-party work for us, so we owe him BIG TIME. The kids swam, played on the playground, hit a pinata, sang, and then had cake. Ally, Joshua, Madison, and Bella were manning the concession stand. They were quite busy today because each child at the party (almost 20) was given money to spend as they wish at the concession stand. They really loved being busy. Ally lasted a long time up there 10:30-4:30. She did really great for most of it, but did end up getting tired towards the end. But hey, that is a long time for a girl still feeling the effects of Friday's chemo. She was asleep soon after we got home. Overall, she is doing much better than the horrible days we had in the first month. The bellyaches continue to be her main issue, as is the constipation. My friend Nicki pointed out that she actually does stuff now without laying her head on the table. I hope we never see the horribleness that we experienced that first month. We are enjoying being able to sleep at night!

One more quick story and then I will just share some pictures from the day. I am one of those people that look for signs of things. I used to search for signs about certain life decisions that I had to make. Ever since my Mom died, I really spend a lot of time looking for signs from her. I have to say that I really haven't seen too many signs, and that is disappointing to me. (Someday I will share the story about the fire rainbow that I saw on Mother's Day...that was my Mom.) But today, I think I saw my Mom too. Call me crazy, I know some will think I am. Mom was a HUGE bird lover. Actually, she loved all things nature. Flowers, trees, birds, gardening, animals, acorns, get the idea. But she really really loved birds. A lot of times now I will be walking outside her house, and I look up in the sky to see a huge bird, probably a hawk, circling overhead. And then I say to myself...oh there's mom, watching over us. So today we were all celebrating Carly's birthday...and this is the first grandchild's birthday since her death...and all of the sudden we look down and there is this tiny baby bird standing right there with us. I mean maybe two feet from all the people. Right there! This baby bird was making so much noise that you wouldn't believe it was coming from such a small bird. It was just chirping up a storm. Everyone noticed this bird just hanging out right in the middle of the party....making itself heard loud and clear. Where did it come from? It certainly could not fly yet and was hopping everywhere. A few people who know me really well just looked at me with that knowing glance...knowing that I immediately thought that little bird was my mom finding her way into the party. Linn came up to me and said "here is some bread for him" and I just said "that's not a him, that's a her" I started crying. I miss my mom and wish she was here with me everyday. But especially for important days like today...only two short years ago she waited outside my operating room for her granddaughter to be born. She held her new grandbaby with such pride and always called Carly "the most perfect child". She always told everyone that. So today the little birdie was there, probably saying happy birthday and bragging nonstop about her little girl Carly. I hope she can somehow see what a cute little girl we have been blessed with.

This is my sister Melissa. I think we kinda look alike, but she is a full six inches taller than me! I made her stoop down for the pic!
Carly started the pinata action.
This looked a little dangerous to me!
Me, Dad, and Car-Car

This is Jerad's mom with her Dad and her Aunt Barb and Uncle Dick. Dick was in town from Florida!
Ally and her cousin Bella
Pa's girl. Always has been since she was born!
Daddy's girl.
With her lovely Aunt Tara, Jerad's sister.


  1. She is the most perfect little girl! There's nothing sweeter than little Carly carrying around her baby dolls like a little mommy. I loved it. So glad everyone did so well and Ally was right there along with them. Happy Birthday, sweet Carly. It was a good day!!

  2. Beautiful post! What a perfect picture of the game me chills when I saw it...seriously! I completely agree that the bird was your mom's way of letting you know that she was there.

  3. Thanks for sharing that story. I'm positive that you are right about you mom's the way, Ally's hat rocks; I want a "33" pinata for my next birthday; and I love that there's a bottle of adult beverage in the snack bar much does a drink go for in the Mills' household?

    Here's to another good day!

  4. Happy birthday Miss Carly!!

    I am SURE your mom was right there with you.I love that she was making her presence known.

    Sending prayers and happy thoughts for more good days your way.

    QBD by A

  5. Oh to be 2 again!?!?!?!? What a wonderful day and I am so glad that Ally was able to make it for so long. I know that your mom was there as I know that John is here always, but when I need him the most he does something crazy. John and your mom have the best seats in the house and they see everything. Here is to more good days and more nights of sleep. Great party

  6. Totally agree with you about "signs." This is a really cool story. Thanks for sharing.