Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday

A quick post about our lazy Saturday. I don't think too many people are checking the blog over the weekend. I don't blame you...get away from the computer.

We all woke up at 9am. Even Mommy and Daddy. We are so so grateful to be getting a full night of sleep and sleeping in is even better. We did some morning projects: Ally seemed to be raring to go. We went downtown to our market. It is an open air market with fresh veggies and breads, organic stuff, good thai food, homemade dog treats, good coffee, and fresh flowers. It is one of my favorite places, it always has been. We had read that today was kids day. They had vendor's kids and grandkids selling cute little breads, fruit and veggies for a quarter, homemade knitted finger puppets, and several little chefs doing cooking displays etc. It was very cool for our kids to buy stuff from other kids. They also LOVE the market. I especially liked the kid sized cranberry scones. For us, this is the only kind of shopping we can do together. I can't take Ally in Wal Mart or Kroger or the mall. Oh how I wish I could. So I can just stick to the farmers market.

All three of our kids took a nap at the same time this afternoon. This even after waking at 9 am! The stars must have been perfectly aligned. We were making up for a week of late nights. This allowed Jerad and I to exercise together...always good.

We made dinner with the eggplant and bread we bought at the market and ate in the basement for some reason (Jerad's idea). It was fun. Again, we don't eat together all that much because Ally is usually sleeping at that time. So we really appreciate just a simple meal together. The little things are so much more important now. We had family game night in the basement and Ally beat me at Cadoo. She really had a normal day again. Her ANC is low right now (300) so we are pretty secluded, at least from indoor events. But she feels quite well. We are happy.

Looking forward to going to church and breakfast with my Dad and Nicki in the morning. I missed it last week because of Carly's party.


  1. Sounds like a good family day. I can't believe all 3 took a nap at the same time! Doubly awesome. Did the kids eat the eggplant? Boy I wish Gavin would eat that cuz I love eggplant. I have to get to that market soon.

    Are you going to breakfast before church? If so, I want in that! I feel like I haven't seen Dad in forever.

  2. What a blessed day! Enjoy and get some rest. Always thinking of you . . .


  3. I do check even on weekends so it is good to hear that you had a good day. The market sounds like fun and the naps sound even better. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Terri Barnett ShumakerJuly 26, 2009 at 6:28 AM

    You know I read everyday, sometimes twice, but I would definately understand if you wanted a day off from the computer every once in awhile.
    So glad she is having good days it makes good days for the whole family.
    Enjoy your breakfast with your Dad.

  5. Thanks for two great posts. I thought of you about a million times Friday. I'm so glad that the day ended up on a happy note. Ally looks great. Really strong. Keep on feeding her those milkshakes!!! My dad loved blizzards from Dairy Queen. I could never understand how he'd get the large, finish it, and never get fat. Glad you had a lazy day yesterday too. Sorry the count is low. But it'll come back up. Have a great Sunday!

  6. What a fabulous picture of Ally at your parents' last fall, and great to see her on the slide! My prayers are with you sweet Janel, I know how much your Mom meant to you and I still think of how brave and eloquent you were at her celebration. She is always with you, you know that, making you strong and protecting you. LOVE!!