Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch the news!

Thanks for all the positive comments about Ally's counts. Believe it or not, after all of this time, we still love the support that we get from the blog. We still need our army and we still appreciate the prayers. Ally ended up having a great Easter weekend. I know personally I was finally able to sleep at night! Ally feels pretty good (always the belly pain) and has taken a liking to riding her bike and/or scooter around the block as many times a day as she can. It makes me so happy. Dr B has decided that he does want to check her counts again this Friday. We are back to going weekly. Miss Mona....she is the sweet tech that draws Ally's blood every week...well we have seen a lot of her lately. You know you have been doing this a long time when Mona is pretty much like part of our family. We love her. She is always hugging all three of the kids like they are her own.

I am posting some pictures from a few Easter events and the Relay for Life....

This is Renai....she has become a friend of Ally's since the soccer event last fall and organized the Relay for Life team: ZTAs for Ally's Army.

Here is Ally...with some of the other surivivors getting ready to walk the survivor lap. They all wore purple but of course Ally stuck with ORANGE.
Here is Ally with some of the ZTAs. Oh, and it poured and poured that night...poor girls had to camp out in it and keep on walking.

They gave Ally a survivor medal and all kinds of other embellishments. Then she walked around the quad with everyone yelling and cheering, using noisemakers, etc. It was pretty touching.

Here they are with EB.

I have a lot of nieces, but this is the "babiest" I got to hang with her on Easter quite a bit. Love her.

Ally with her Grandma.

Finding eggs at Pa's. Ally's great grandma was hiding a lot of them. Note the large bunnies that my Dad had going right in his family room. Typical.
The Mills cousins....

They were dyeing eggs at our family's Good Friday Fish Fry...

And finally, don't forget that Wednesday (today) is the day for watching Ally on the news. I haven't seen the story. I am a little nervous about it...so hard to sound intelligent when put right on the spot without a minute to think of your answer! We did our best though. Always working towards raising awareness on blood cancer. I think there are so many people out there that have no idea what all it involves or that kids are suffering from it everyday.

Fox 45 at 10 pm. ABC 22 at 11 pm. It will also air the next morning ....with a live segment from the studio with Sallie.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on the news. I am sure it will be spectacular! I am learning so much through you...I knew very little about blood cancer before I started reading your blog. The more I learn, the more I want to help you fight it so it GOES AWAY.


  2. We love miss Mona too! Glad Dr. B is keeping a close watch on Ally's counts especially for your piece of mind. Can't wait to see the big tv debut tonight!

  3. Love the pics! Man - Ally and Grandma B look like TWINS! How cute. So glad all is well. Prayers continued. MUCHO LOVE!