Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ally has been working really hard on another piano piece. I can actually say that I recognize this song. Bonus. I thought I would record her again since everyone enjoyed it so much last time. Well really it is just for my avid blog here you go Ruthie:

In other news, we are being interviewed by a channel 11 local news reporter tomorrow night. I believe they are doing a story surrounding the Man/Woman of the Year and that Ally is the honored hero. Makes me nervous, especially since Ally is not a girl of many words. I will try to post out here when the story will air so you can watch/DVR it if you like.

We are heading down to the hospital on Friday for monthly chemo. I am hoping that this might be her last IVIG (immunity booster) infusion. With the weather breaking, so is the illness, and I am hoping we get a break from this soon. It will make each appointment about 2 hours shorter. Our current monthly appointment runs about 5-6 hours.

I am writing this blog entry from my iPhone (a gift from Jerad which I absolutely love) I am listening to my girls running and playing at the playground. I also had the privilege of going on an all day field trip today with Evan and his first grade class. These are all gifts to me....things that were taken away from me but now things that I have back and enjoy even that much more. I am especially appreciative today as I learned that a friend of a friend just had their son Cayden diagnosed with ALL. I have faith that we will both make it through. Say a prayer for all the little ones who are unfairly dealing with these diseases.

Here's my girls. On a sunny night. The most precious thing of all....(Ally carried her almost the entire way home)

I also have even more vacation pictures to post. Gonna get to that at some point.

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  1. Ally...that is spectacular!!! I love that song. Janel, I think we need that pretty girl of yours to be our piano tutor. Or at least mine.

    That picture of your girls from tonight needs to be in a frame. It's incredible.

    Laurie H

  2. love, love, love it! the juxtaposition of Ally at the piano with the one of you and her on the swing is priceless. What a journey. I love seeing her smiling face and of course fab nails :)

  3. Ally that was wonderful. I love that song and you played it beautiful. I am finally getting my dream of a piano player in the family. Please keep it up. Love you,

  4. The music was wonderful, but the smile on Ally's face was priceless. Thanks for sharing.