Sunday, December 12, 2010

Funny Stuff

So we tried to get a family Christmas picture. All posey posey, which typically is not my style. I even got my manual out for my camera...and learned how to do the self timer. Got the tripod out. We were all prettied up from going to breakfast with Santa (more on that later). and we aren't all prettied up very often. Maybe just once a year actually. But the humor of trying to get the picture with 3 year old Carly really got to me. Frustrating while it was happening, but funny now.

SHOT #1 Oops, Jerad was too late getting in there.
SHOT #2 OH, Carly found an ornament......look
SHOT #3 And, she has now dropped the ornament
SHOT #4 DOH! she dropped it.
SHOT #5 She decides to close her eyes....lovely smile though
SHOT #6 Where in the heck did Carly go?!?
SHOT #7 This will have to be our winner because everyone was DONE.
I just had to share that because Carly is a funny girl. Although most of the time I am closer to crying than laughing with HER!
Also, we had Ally's bloodwork done on Thursday and her ANC has finally dropped down to exactly where they want it. 1350 is her number. PERFECT. 75mg of 6 MP 5x week, 50mg 6 MP 2x week, and 28 mg of methotrexate on Tuesdays. Just for my reference.
We are having fun enjoying the entire month of Christmas this year. We made our Sugar Cookies on Friday, saw Santa on Saturday and also checked out some Christmas lights. Today Ally and I took an awesome Christmas cupcake decorating class at our local cake shop. It was really fun, even though I didn't much have time for it, but we learned a lot and had a blast. I might even have to post pictures of our creations.
Her spinal is this Friday. She will be admitted at 8:30 am. Please pray for her spinal fluid to be clear. This is our only wish for Christmas!


  1. Carly, you kill me with your 'tude! Ha ha. #7 looks great though!

  2. That was funny stuff! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Oh I see a Jenn Kac head band on Ally! Love it!!! You all look great!!!

    number 1 or 2 is my the creativity!

    We are so excited to celebrate Baby Jesus's birthday on Thursday! See you then!

    Prayers for Ms. Ally every night!

  4. love the 'outtakes'! Must say the Ally's and Jerad's hair are growing in beautifully!

  5. The photo sequence is awesome. I love it. So happy for all of your December experiences. So happy. How's your dad doing? And of course, sending lots of prayers and thoughts of strength for Friday's results.

  6. so cute janel! when will you ever let me photograph your beautiful family? just tell me when :) you're amazing! have a wonderful christmas


  7. Got a great laugh from this because we have the same experiences at our house trying to get the Family Christmas picture! LOL