Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Wish

Ally and Selena made the cover of the Special Wish Newsletter. I hope you can read might have to double click it to make it better.

For those of you that ask me about my Dad (lots of people) he had his procedure done and he is really doing much better. It was like instant relief for him after they shocked his heart. He actually felt so good he went to Florida for a week, but will now be returning to all of our snow. We had two snow days this week (much to Ally's dismay today because now she is missing all the fun holiday stuff at school)

Please say extra prayers as she has her spinal tap on Friday morning at the hospital, followed by a days worth of chemo and other infusions. We used to do spinal taps almost once a week for a period of time. Now we are every three months. I know one thing...they never get any easier and they are never fun to watch your child going through them. It is stressful, but we can handle it all as long as the results are good. I will try to update on here as soon as we have her spinal fluid results.


  1. praying, praying, praying. Can't wait for those results. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible. love you!

  2. Sending prayers from SC!!! Love ya & miss you all!