Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spinal is Done (for three more months)

I have some excellent news that is worthy of all Christmas wishes combined. Ally's spinal fluid was free and clear of any leukemic cells. Praise to God yet again.

She had a super long day at the hospital 8:30am until 7:30 pm because someone forgot to put the orders in right. Wow that is frustrating enough in itself! She did fairly good with the spinal. She went almost to sleep she was sort of sleeping with her eyes open until he poked her with the big needle and she screamed. Wow I hate that part. She went back into her sleep trance while he drained out three test tubes of fluid (one for hematology lab, one for chemistry, and one extra in case he was suspicious and had to do a flow cytometery on it). Then he put in a double dose of chemo (she gets more now that she is nine...and this is the first spinal since she turned 9!). She didn't yell again until he pulled the big needle back out. It all seems pretty quick, like 15 minutes, and you would think I would be used to it by now, but it is still tough on us. I think the main reason for that is just the fear (FEAR) of recurrence. She doesn't get the heavy hitter chemo like she used to and they only check her fluid every three months. It can just weigh heavily on our hearts leading up to it even though we try to turn it all over to God. So that gives me that much more reason to celebrate when Dr B told us the good news.

Her liver numbers were a bit elevated which was concerning, but Dr B thinks it is just from all the medication she takes. (the daily chemo) Her ANC had dropped all the way down to was 1350 just a few days before so that scares me that it is falling too quick. But he kept her meds the same. I just do no want that perfect storm to be set up like we had last Christmas when she was in the hospital with a low ANC.

Today was supposed to be our family Christmas with Jerad's family. Today was also supposed to be Carly's dance recital. They were dancing to Rudolph! However, my baby girl came down with a fever about an hour before we had to leave. And that is really just how my luck works! So last year I stayed home from Christmas with Ally....and this year I stay home with Carly. And I am just sad she is missing her dance, but also happy that Ally is getting to go to Christmas and we were blessed with the good results.

I can handle a fever when it is with the child that doesn't require a mandatory trip to the ER. We will just cuddle a little more and watch some Frosty. But I do hope it does not spread to my older girl. I would like to remain far far away from that ER, especially at Christmas. So say a little prayer for Miss Ally if you would!


  1. Such wonderful news!!! Thank you for letting us all know her results. Glad to hear your dad is feeling better too! Merry Christmas to your family and a blessed 2011!

  2. Yay!!!! I've been waiting to read your post. So glad to hear the great news :)

  3. Sorry about Carly, but that seems to be the way of life with little ones. Makes us take time to slow down and focus on them during this busy time. Hope the rest enjoyed the Barnett's. LOve and prayers to you all.

  4. Awesome news for Ally and your dad. Sorry Carly had to miss her dance but I am sure she liked that extra cuddling. Hope all continues to go well for you during this blessed season. Many prayers coming your way, and hugs and kisses. Great job Janel and Jerad.