Sunday, November 14, 2010


There is one part of our Special Wish trip that I failed to mention yet. Legoland. I would be remiss if I didn't put our pictures out here since Evan considers it the second best day of his life (first being the day he was born, his words not mine). Evan LOVES legos. I don't even know if I can adequately describe how much he loves them....I guess you would just have to see him at work. If he has a lego project, it is hard to pull him away from it. He pretty much doesn't hear a word I say until it is done. I can totally see why he loves them (I do too!) and I think they are wonderful for his mind and his creativity. I know people will think I am crazy for writing this, but he absolutely got the "Mills" builder mind. He can look at houses in our neighborhood and pick out weird architectural details that noone else would even notice. He can also look at a house from the front and pretty much tell you which rooms are we always joke that Evan will be a builder or an architect. Now he is just getting his practice in.

Here we are going into the park. It is down by San Diego (Carlsbad), so we had to drive about an hour from our hotel to get there.
EVERYTHING in the park is made of Legos. It was truly amazing. They had parts that mimicked lots of US cities...NY, LA, Las Vegas, San Fran, DC
Evan and Ally got to drive real Lego cars around a made up track. They had to abide by rules on their own (stoplights, stop signs, staying on the right, etc) Ally is ready for her license. She has practiced a lot up at her Pa's house on his golf cart.

Scaredy cat Carly (she was scared the whole trip) really loved driving the "little" Lego cars.
The Capitol Building was amazing.
Lots of Star Wars stuff
The rides were fun for Evan and Ally. They had three rollar coasters that were a bit smaller, but they both enjoyed them.
On this ride, you had to pull yourself all the way to the top of the pole and then if you let go your car would drop quickly.
Bob the Builder.
This was a huge elephant made out of legos, but my picture is not so great.
It was "Brick or Treat" there!
Evan (like Clark) also loves maps.
And Carly had to do something "princessy" so she got a unicorn painted on her cheek!

And now......we can add one more place that "Allys Army" has been. We will probably never get back there, but I did hear they are building one about an hour from my Dad's condo in Florida. So we WILL be back.


  1. had to laugh when I read this as we have scooped up the 1000s of legos from Sam and Owen's room and are trying to reorganize the sets. We have a kid's dream in our living room!
    Looks like a fabulous trip, hope to get there too one day.

  2. great pics!!! Lots of smiles had by all! Hope today's chemo goes smoothly! Thinking about Ally!