Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Allys Army Fundraiser

My sister in law's friend (also named Janelle) has made these Ally's Army candles for a fundraiser for LLS. She is selling them for $20 each and donating $10 for each one. They are Pumpkin Souffle and 8 oz. If you are interested (Chrismas presents???) you can contact my sister Amanda Stamey [amandaestamey@yahoo.com].

I also thought I would share a family picture that we took a few weeks back. It turned out really nice. Thanks to my friend Nicki for coming up to Fox Hill and taking the shots! I love my beautiful family...we have come a long way together. And how cute is Ally with that short hair and A SCARF?!? Man she is growing up on me.

Which leads me to my Dad....lots of you have been asking, and no he is still not doing any better. It seems that his heart is still out of rhythm and does not seem to be trending the right way at this moment. He still feels lousy and (I Believe) he is still trying to take it easy and limit his activity. I would ask for everyone to keep praying that this heart situation turns around and turns around quickly! I am sure he is sick of feeling sick.

On the contrary, Ally seems to be doing great. I sort of keep waiting for the usual Fall illnesses to hit our family, but we have been fortunate. They increased her at home chemo (again) and we are due back into the hospital on Tuesday. I was especially proud of her after she achieved a wonderful report card and we had a great conference with her teacher too. She works really really hard and quite honestly...she missed A LOT last year. Third grade is not easy. Things the other kids just know, she really didn't know, but has worked hard to catch up. I see her improving and I see her excelling. She continues to make me a proud Momma.


  1. What a great picture! I hope you blow that one up and hang it! You all look great! The fall colors are beautiful!

  2. What a beautifu family picture!!! We have been and will continue to keep your Dad in our prayers. Reid speaks with him and we miss having him down here on Longboat relaxing.
    Ally looks very grown up and beautiful!

  3. First--i am soooo getting some of those candles!! What a great idea! Second--what a beautiful picture of your family! I agree about Ally! I've always thought you had to have some "sass" to pull off short hair and she rocks it!! Oh, and could the trees have been more beautiful? (this pic would look great in your "these are a few of my fav. things" frame ;) Way to go Miss Nicki! Third--sending up lots of prayers for your dad. Hope things get figured out soon!!! Love you all

  4. Awesome photo, and you can know for sure that those prayers are coming your way for your dad. He is such a wonderful man. So glad to hear Ally is doing will and I do love her short hair. I really miss those beautiful leaves here in Florida, but I do not miss the snow. Keep up the good work.